Shia LaBeouf Gives Odd Half-Hour Long Monologue In Front Of Green Screen, Parodies Ensue

Shia LaBeouf is known for off-the-wall performance pieces and recently joined forces with Rönkkö & Turner along with some British fine arts students from Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art to create a bizarre 30-minute long monologue titled #INTRODUCTIONS. The performance piece featured LaBeouf in front of a green screen giving a monologue. The piece contained almost no props with the director changing every 30 seconds. The result is a bizarre yet strangely entertaining video.

Check out the original video below.

However, once the people of the internet caught hold of the LaBeouf green screen piece, parodies began popping up across the web.

The first parody features LeBeouf in what many are calling the most motivational TED Talk of all time. The strange green screen monologue was re-created as a TED Talk, and the result is nothing short of hilarious.

If motivational speeches aren't your thing, you can check out LaBeouf as he performs an intense Haka with rugby players participating behind him. For the record, the Haka parody was created by the same YouTube user as the TED Talk rendition.

Another YouTube user says that viewers shouldn't seek to understand what they are watching when they watch LaBeouf give his 30-minute long speech, but rather they should just "do it." So that is exactly what she did.

What do you think of the Shia LaBeouf parodies? When the art students created the piece with the green screen background, do you think they knew what social media madness would ensure? Or do you think they honestly thought the piece would be left in its native format? What do you think of the strange piece of art?

[Image Credit: Vimeo/ Youtube]