Creation Apologist Explains Why Jurassic World Is More Accurate Than Science

Jurassic World is due for release in less than two weeks, and an apologist for Ken Ham’s Answers In Genesis is speaking out against those who say the movie isn’t very accurate. She explains that actually, the movie is more accurate than what you’ve been taught in science class (assuming you have a decent biology teacher.) Why? Because Jurassic World doesn’t portray its dinosaurs with feathers.

Okay, Jurassic World has indeed taken some criticism for portraying feather-free dinosaurs, in an era where our best evolutionary biology says that the giant lizards were ancestors of today’s birds. According to the Washington Post, Smithsonian paleontologist Hans-Dieter Sues described the movie as “a standard monster movie,” saying the dinosaurs weren’t in step with our current best understanding of their reality.

Not all of the dinosaurs in Jurassic World need feathers for accuracy, but Sues says that raptors and “ostrich-mimic” beasts should have had them.

A director for Jurassic World addressed the controversy himself, explaining that, despite our newer knowledge of dinosaurs, it fit the story better to keep the prehistoric animals as they were in the original movies, and that updates would be “distracting” to viewers.

“Well, the Jurassic Park films have often been caught out by advances in paleontological understanding, and I’m sure our grasp on dinosaur biology and behaviour will only continue to evolve. I think it makes sense to just stick with the initially created rules rather than trying to keep pace with or second-guess reality.”

However, it appears that Answers In Genesis disagrees. Of course, run by Ken Ham, the man behind the Creation Museum, who thinks his team of creation scientists will soon be able to prove that dinosaurs lived only 6,000 years ago, that’s to be expected.

So, how exactly is Jurassic World more accurate than a science class? I’ll let creationist Avery Foley (whose degree is a “Bachelor of Science in Religion”) explain.

“According to evolutionary thinking, modern birds are descendants of dinosaurs. But the biblical worldview stands in sharp contrast to this. According to God’s Word, birds were created fully formed and functioning to reproduce after their own kind on Day Five of Creation Week. Dinosaurs, which are land animals, would not have been created until Day Six. So in a biblical worldview, birds would have actually been around before dinosaurs ever walked the Earth—a whole day before!”

Can we count on showings of Jurassic World appearing in the Creation Museum now, presented as scientific evidence alongside the models of children riding dinosaurs?