Manhattan Woman Fights for Free Breasts and Equality

New York City, NY – For New York artist Phoenix Feeley this is more than about her rights, it is about the right for women everywhere to have the same rights as men. In Phoenix’s world that starts with a woman;s right to walk around topless the same as any man has. Unlike most people, she is willing to put her freedom on the line in order to win her fight.

On April Fool’s Day, at Brooklyn hot spot The House of Yes, she is hosting a fundraiser to bring her battle all the way to the New jersey Supreme Court.

in 2008 Phoenix was arrested for sunbathing topless on a beach in Spring Lake. When she informed the police that it was her right just as much as a man’s to go top free they brought her to jail. She has appealed the case to three different courts and now find herself standing at the doorway to the New Jersey Supreme Court.

If the Supreme Court upholds the lower courts ruling, that Phoenix violated New Jersey State law, she may be headed to prison. If they rule in her favor women may have the right to do what men have always been able to do…walk around without a shirt on.

Phoenix is no stranger to run ins with the law when it comes to the issue of female equality. In New York City, where it is legal for women to walk around top free, a police officer approached her and when she refused to cover up he threw her in jail. She sued the City and a settlement was reached which paid her more than $25,000.

The fundraiser at the House of Yes, beautifully titled Fools for Freedom, is aiming to raise money for Phoenix’s legal costs to take her case to the New Jersey Supreme Court. The fundraiser is also going to raise awareness by asking women to go top free and men to please cover up.