‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: More Bad News About A Beloved Character, Enid Backstory Might Be Coming

The Walking Dead might finally give viewers the backstory of one of the most mysterious residents of the Alexandria community. Meanwhile, the future is looking pretty grim for a member of Rick’s group. Before you read on, be forewarned that potential spoilers lay ahead.

Here’s the (sort of) good news first: According to Wetpaint, Enid (Katelyn Nacon) has been spotted filming scenes with an unidentified man and woman. In The Walking Dead set photos shared on the Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page, these characters don’t look like the other Alexandrians — they’re very dirty, so they’ve probably been surviving outside of the safety of a walled community. It’s very possible that the man and woman are Enid’s parents.

Wetpaint speculates that The Walking Dead might air a flashback of Enid’s parents during the second episode of Season 6. In one scene, Enid and the two adults find themselves in a car that gets attacked by walkers. Perhaps Enid’s parents sacrifice themselves to save their daughter.

Enid is more comfortable out in the woods than she is inside of Alexandria’s walls, and she’s very good at disappearing and being quiet. It’s possible that she learned to survive on her own after losing her parents, and she figured out that the best way to stay alive was by being silent and hiding from zombies and humans.

Because of how detached and silent Enid is, there’s been speculation that she has a connection to the Wolves or another dangerous group. However, it’s possible that she’s just the way she is because she watched her parents die gruesome deaths, and maybe she saw other human beings doing atrocious things while she was out on her own. Because she sneaks around outside so much, it’s very possible that she knows more about the Wolves than the other Alexandrians, but she probably hasn’t encountered any of them face-to-face — if she had, surely she wouldn’t have escaped with her life.

Cleveland.com speculates that Enid might be the new Sophia. In the Walking Dead comic books, Sophia is still alive and Carol is dead. Sophia gets adopted by Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee, and she and Carl Grimes become romantically involved. Carol Peletier is still alive on the TV series, so perhaps she’ll start acting as Enid’s adoptive mother — Carol definitely still has her motherly instinct intact, but her somewhat scary interactions with cookie-crazy Sam are evidence that she’s trying to suppress it after the deaths of Sophia, Lizzie, and Mika. Perhaps Enid can fill the hole in her heart that she’s trying so desperately to ignore.

In other Walking Dead news, the Inquisitr previously reported on a Twitter exchange between Michael Cudlitz and Josh McDermitt that was rather ominous — it made it seem as though Abraham Ford or Eugene Porter had been killed off. Unfortunately, it’s looking more and more like the mulleted one might be mince meat. According to the Spoiling Dead Fans, Michael Cudlitz was spotted on the Walking Dead set after the Twitter exchange in question took place. A fan also reported that Josh McDermitt tweeted and deleted a second message that could spell bad news for the mullet.

“Sometimes it’s hard to move on when you’re not ready to move on,” it read.

It’s possible that Josh dropped a couple of sneakier hints about Eugene’s fate when he tweeted photos of himself with two dead Walking Dead characters.

😷 👣 #WCW @emmykinney pic.twitter.com/8l5eNUmMRi

— Josh McDermitt (@JoshMcDermitt) May 27, 2015

The British Badass @davemorrissey64 pic.twitter.com/sp0Bz4dyii

— Josh McDermitt (@JoshMcDermitt) May 29, 2015

Are you looking forward to learning more about Enid on The Walking Dead, and are you worried about the fate of Eugene? Here’s something else to chew on: “Enid” is “Dine” spelled backwards.

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