Will Bobby Brown Take Bobbi Kristina Off Life Support? See Why It’s Not Likely

Bobbi Kristina Brown has been in a comatose state for the past four months now. It has been reported that her prognosis remains grim. Because of the daunting facts, the media is speculating yet again about Bobby Brown’s long-term plans for his daughter, reports UPI.

Although it has been rumored that Bobbi Kristina will be taken off life support this week, that doesn’t seem likely based on numerous other reports that reveal Bobby’s perspective of his daughter’s condition.


According to People magazine, representatives for the Brown family, Cissy Houston and Pat Houston have confirmed that the claims are completely false. Although Cissy has stated that her granddaughter is “not progressing” and suffered “irreversible brain damage,” there are still no plans to take her off life support.

As for the news reports that suggest he’ll be pulling the plug, Bobby reportedly hates that the media is “waiting for his daughter to die.” According to K-Drama Stars, he has been trying to tune out the rumor reports to focus on his daughter.

“It’s background noise. Bobby hears these reports, and it’s annoying to him. He hates that people are just waiting for his daughter to die.”

The family source also revealed details about Bobby Brown’s long-term plans where Bobbi Kristina is concerned. As long as there is even a “one-percent chance” of Bobbi Kristina recovering, Bobby will continue to have hope. He has no plans to pull the plug. In fact, he may “never” do so.


“Let me tell you this now,” said a Brown family source. “Don’t believe any reports that Bobby is going to take her off life support. He’s never going to do that. I don’t think he’ll ever go there; if there’s a 2 percent chance, a 1 percent chance, a 0.1 percent chance, he will keep hope alive.”

Since Bobbi Kristina remains on life support, it is unclear whether or not Nick Gordon will face charges for the series of events that led to Bobbi Kristina’s injuries. The investigation is reportedly ongoing.

[Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]