Kate Middleton Is The Boss When It Comes To Family Life, Yet Must Answer To The Royal Boss’ Urgings

The Duchess of Cambridge has got her hands full these days with her two little tykes, George and Charlotte, and she is definitely ensuring that she has full involvement in their day-t0-day. Although Kate Middleton has enlisted the help of her mother and other family members to assist her with caring for the children, Kate is hands on and constantly plays the role of mother before duchess.

In an interview with the BBC, Kate’s royal hubby, Prince William, noted that Kate prefers him to ask permission before setting off to events with the children. Celebrity Dirty Laundry recounts the words within the BBC interview after Prince William mentioned that he would like to take George and Charlotte to a soccer game, but may have to ask Kate in advance.

“I’ll have to pass that by the missus [Kate], see how I can get away with it. At the moment, at 22 months, it’s a little early. If [Prince George] supports Villa, it’d be fantastic. I’d love to go to the odd match with him in the future. It’ll probably end up being that Charlotte is the Villa fan.”

It seems as though, even before Kate has given the go-ahead for her crew to head to the first matches, Prince William has got his little fan’s team of choice selected for them. The royal couple continues to remind onlookers that, although royals, they are simply caring and loving parents who absolutely dote on their little ones and have terms of endearment for one another.

Although Kate is hard at work being a hands-on mommy, it has recently been reported that she will have to get back to work and to her royal duties in 3-weeks time. The Huffington Post notes the instructions that have been passed along to Kate via her own boss, the Queen.

“Queen Elizabeth II intends for the Duchess of Cambridge to be in attendance during her birthday parade on June 13. The Queen, whose actual birthday is April 21, celebrates her official birthday on a Saturday in June. According to the official website of the British Monarchy, the Queen’s official birthday is celebrated publicly on a day when the weather is more enjoyable to carry out the traditional ‘Trooping of the Colours,’ a military ceremony followed by an air show, which the Royal Family watches from the Buckingham Palace balcony.”

Although the first event Kate is expected at is a celebration and hardly work at all, the mommy of two will likely find it a bit soon to be in demand and in the public eye.

[Feature image via the Loop]