Ellie Goulding’s Bikini Body Sparks Envy: Learn Her Workout Secrets

Ellie Goulding was making news only days ago following her impromptu Love Actually moment at good friend Ben Lovett’s wedding last weekend.

Today, Ellie Goulding is in the news again as she shows off her stunning bikini body during her Los Angeles break with her boyfriend, Dougie Poynter.


Soon after, she posted a looped slo-mo video of herself jumping in the Runyan Canyon Park wearing Nike workout clothes with the caption “Sun deprived Brits doing runyan be like,” the Mirror reported.

Ellie Goulding is proud of her figure and isn’t afraid to admit that she worked hard to achieve her toned, taut body. The cover girl for Women’s Health U.K. magazine’s June, 2015, issue, Ellie Goulding spoke about her no-nonsense attitude to fitness and nutrition.

“I’m not afraid of a guy saying to me that I’m strong. And I will happily post pictures of my muscles on Instagram – because I’m proud of being a strong girl.”

She also spoke about the negativity that inevitably comes from a young woman proudly showing her toned body and enviable muscles, and even credits her strong body for helping her to maintain an equally strong attitude against the haters.

“I Instagram and I tweet and I perform in whatever I want and if you accept that you’re always going to get negativity then you can overcome it. So when you see a nasty comment, you don’t think, ‘That’s not fair’… Physically I’m strong but I feel like it does add to me being a bit stronger and being able to deflect things easier. I feel like when things happen that make me sad – when people might talk about me or when the press might say things about me that aren’t true – I feel like I can deal with it now.”

On social media, at least, many of the comments about Ellie Goulding’s body appear to be positive – at the very least, a positive amount of envy.

Ellie Goulding is my body goal tbh 😍 #goals #fit #getinshape #healthy https://t.co/pQfxAbNmgV — |-/ blurry face |-/ (@hellomariiina) May 13, 2015

Ellie Goulding is currently on holidays in Los Angeles, following images of a removal van being spotted loading up Ellie’s and Dougie’s artwork and platinum discs, along with boxes of other items from their Marylebone apartment, amid rumours that the couple are moving to a new house together, Daily Mail Australia reported.

Just in case you weren’t convinced of how strong and fit Ellie Goulding is, here she is on Ellen performing an impressive headstand.

[Photo: Karl Walter / Getty Images]