Father Has Epic Message For Parents Giving Embarrassing Haircuts As Punishment, Do You Agree? [Video]

Meaghan Ellis

One father has an epic message for parents who have shared their disciplinary methods on the internet. Apparently, he's tired of all the humiliating haircuts that have gone viral on social media, so he's doing something about it. For those who may have missed it, many parents have resulted to shaving their sons' heads and giving them the signature "George Jefferson" haircut for misbehaving. Although many of the cuts emulate the haircut of an older man with a receding hairline, most of the recent haircuts have gone a step further.

Now parents are cutting patches of hair from their sons' heads and sending them to school with bald spots. As previously reported on Inquisitr, this style of parenting suggests public humiliation will make a child think twice about misbehaving again. However, the topic has become highly debatable. Now one father is giving his take on the situation and footage of his rant has gone viral.

On Friday, May 29, a one-minute video was uploaded to WorldStarHipHop. The father in the video can be seen holding a set of clippers as his son sits in a chair as if he were preparing for an embarrassing haircut for bad behavior. However, the father different plans because the video doesn't go how you'd expect.

He made it clear that he does give his son the things he desires, but when it's time for him to follow instructions, he expects him to do just that because of how he's been raised. As he moves the clippers closer to his son's head, he stops, hugs his son, and takes a seat in the chair to make his point clear. The father slammed parents who would result to humiliating their child to teach a lesson. He also argued good behavior begins at home, and the parents are to blame for their children's shortcomings.

"Good parenting starts at home!", he said.

If a child's behavior reaches uncontrollable extremities, it's because bad behavior was initially overlooked and not reprimanded. Small problems become big problems when left unattended. The father encourages parents to pray for their children and be more involved in their lives instead of depending on schools to raise their children.

Surprisingly, although many have agreed with the father's message, there have been some who feel otherwise. Some parents have argued that different methods work for different children because no child acts or responds the same.

"The same punishment doesn't work on everyone. we all don't have the same personality. We learn different, speak different and behave different."

However, in a recent report released by Opposing Views, psychiatrist Dr. Gerald Shiener argues public humiliation is a "misguided" approach when it comes to seeking positive results from children who misbehave.

"Public humiliation never works," Shiener said. "It makes the child angry and the kid holds you responsible instead of reflecting on his own behavior."

Do you agree or disagree with the father's opinion of embarrassing haircuts? Share your thoughts.

[Image via World Star Hip Hop Screen Capture]