Carla Gugino Reveals Ties Between New Movie And Why She Won’t Sleep Naked

Carla Gugino stars opposite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in San Andreas, which opened to huge numbers at the box office this past week, and the movie shares a little something about why the actress refuses to sleep in the nude.

Gugino opened up to People recently, saying that after getting caught in the middle of a terrifying earthquake in 1994 — a 6.7 magnitude event that spread massive amounts of damage around Los Angeles — she knows better than to go to bed without being prepared.

“I was in the Northridge quake in 1994, living in the Pacific Palisades with my boyfriend at the time. I woke up from a dead sleep. And I was sleeping naked, just in my birthday suit… I got up and I could not find any clothes – and the ground was shaking, things were falling. I was just going to run out of that house, just naked as the day I was born. But I finally found my robe on the ground. I put that robe on, and I have not, to this date, slept naked in California ever again!” she said.

Gugino has never been one to be shy about revealing her body, showing off her toned physique in Sin City and on Californication. The 43-year old is among an age set that doesn’t always get the respect it deserves from Hollywood, though, and she spoke about that recently in an interview. The actress said that ageism is a very real thing in the business and has been injected into the conversation about women in Hollywood recently after Maggie Gyllenhaal revealed she had been rejected as a love interest for a 55-year old man because she was “too old.”

“It’s a really crazy thing because Maggie is a dear friend. So when I’m hearing what she said it’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. The double standard in that way is pretty crazy and I just think that it has to be acknowledged – I’m glad it’s being acknowledged – because it’s just absurd. So, yes, that does happen, but it doesn’t always happen. There are a lot of leading men who don’t want that. I think it’s something that’s been talked about for a while. And it’s good to be talked about because extreme age gaps sometimes makes a movie not believable, and characters not believable, because there’s an artifice to that,” Carla Gugino said.

[Photo courtesy Warner Bros.]