Britney Spears, The Comeback Pop Princess, Has A Perfect New Attitude And Remains One Great Mom

Britney Spears has experienced some ups and downs over the years and admitted her life has not always been peachy, even as a pop superstar and diva of the music industry. She’s been faced with scrutiny over her appearance, her singing abilities, and her role as a mother to her two sons, but this Vegas showgirl appears to be as solid as ever with a new perspective on life and, let’s be honest, one hot bod.

The pop princess’ music career is doing alright as well. As Billboard recently noted in regards to Spears‘ new single with Iggy Azalea, “The pop pairing of Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea on “Pretty Girls” is off to a pretty good start.” A solid relationship with now-boyfriend Charlie Ebersol, as well as news that the two are apparently planning to perhaps expand the fam, also highlight how Brit has reemerged as a well-rounded, family woman, yet still a force to be reckoned with on stage.

Just to show the world how involved she is in her boys’ lives and how hip she remains to be, Spears took to Instagram where she posted an adorable pic of herself and her sons, Jayden and Sean, in their skater gear. E! Online shares the perfect caption that highlighted the snap.

“Just your typical proud skate mom.”

Britney and her sons Jayden and Sean; image via Instagram

As the publication describes, Spears is “wearing a concert T-shirt from The Who with a backwards hat,” and “the Las Vegas performer fit right in with the boys who each had a little fun with their skateboards.”

To complement the rad shot, Spears added a video of herself and her sons including the 33-year-old making note of the talent of her son on the board.

“Can’t get over how good he’s getting.

Recently, however, Britney relayed to People Magazine that although she may seem to be a super chill mom, she still has necessary expectations of her sons and instills an earn-what-you-receive mentality.

“Homework is a priority. We have a reward system that helps motivate them: If they get so many A’s, they get one toy a month.”

That sounds like a reasonable deal that would get any child motivated on the homework front. It seems Britney Spears is back at the top of her game and doing one stellar job of balancing a consistently successful music career, motherhood, and romantic life. But how does Spears truly feel more than a decade after she burst onto the music scene? She was candid with People in their April issue about this very question.

“I’m in a real good place. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

[Feature image via People Magazine]