Ecocapsules Makes It Possible To Live Off-The-Grid Globally

Because of the rising cost of living, accompanied by inflation woes, many people have found downsizing to be a viable option. What this means is people — whether individuals, couples, or families — are choosing to live in smaller, sometimes portable, dwellings over renting or owning. The Inquisitr reported on examples around the world, such as the tiny house and canal boat home movement.

Now, a company headquartered in Slovakia is taking the downsizing trend to a green technological level. Ecocapsules are are new tiny homes that not only look futuristic, but allows people to live off-the-grid globally.

Ecosphere Layout
This is the blueprint that shows the layout of an "Ecosphere."

According to Quartz, Slovakian firm Nice Architects has invented a new tiny home in the shape of an egg called Ecocapsules. It is designed to run entirely on both solar and wind energy, which allows the people residing in it to live, both literally and figuratively, off-the-grid. The Ecocapsule is designed to contain a 9,744 watt-hour battery, a 750-watt wind turbine, and high-efficiency solar cells that can support the people living in it up to a year in almost every location in the world, provided said location has wind and/or sunlight.

The Ecocapsule is also somewhat off-the-grid when it comes to water. Nice Architects also installed a rainwater collection and filtration system. Unlike sunlight and wind however, rainfall may not be guaranteed. Therefore, a viable source of water must be readily available for Ecocapsules settling in ecosystems with very little precipitation.

The interior of the Ecosphere may look compact, but it holds enough space for two people, such as a couple, to live in one.

Nice Architects unveiled a prototype of the Ecocapsule on May 28, 2015, at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. It was there they promoted their Ecocapsule not just for off-the-grid, nomadic living, but for other potential applications such as providing shelter in disaster areas or doubling as scientific research stations, especially in harsh conditions.

Pre-orders for the Ecocapsule will be taken at the end of 2015 for shipping in the first half of 2016. A price hasn’t been decided upon yet but for Americans, take note. The shipping cost of an Ecocapsule from Slovakia to New York, for instance, is a total over $2,300 alone. The Ecocapsule itself is expected to run somewhere in the tens of thousands, maybe less if it is assembled on a line and by chance assembled here in the United States.

[Images via Nice Architects]