Police Brutality National Petition — Goal Almost Met

Police brutality has run rampant in the United States for decades. However, with the advent of technology, it is being brought to light. And this national petition’s goal is almost met.

Lately, you’ve probably seen police in the news more than criminals. Sure, it’d be nice if their publicity was for justified arrests. However, it seems that those were the good ol’ days.

Such brutality has sparked riots and several upon several protests — such as Ferguson, Missouri; Baltimore, Maryland; Detroit, Michigan; Seattle, Washington; New York City, New York; and others.

While spectators have recorded video of police officers committing these violent acts, unjustly, government officials seemed to find some way to negate visually-undeniable proof of these brutal beatings and killings.

Even a police dash camera recorded an Arizona officer ramming a man with his car, knocking him into a tree — literally.

As a result, a national petition has gained over 36,000 signatures in just a short time. At Change.org, its goal is 50,000, and its title is as follows.

“National Action Against Police Brutality! Prosecute Police Who Murder Unarmed Individuals!”

In the petition, it states that the police killings go weeks — even months — with no explanation whatsoever.

“The state attorney generals within these states have refused to act, leaving all action to be taken by the commissioners of these departments. And the commissioners have ‘justified’ the actions of these officers — and in many cases, promoted them after the killing of these victims.

“The mechanisms that have been put in place have ‘all failed’, and the escalation of police brutality is ‘evidence’ of that failure.”

This particular letter and petition has been addressed and directed to United States Attorney General Eric Holder. When people accept these offices, they’re sworn in. And this petition also mentions that detail as follows.

“[This] petition is made before the attorney general of the United States to not only ‘act’ on behalf of the people of the United States, but to fulfill the obligations of the office — for which he has ‘sworn an oath’ to fulfill upon his occupancy!

Let it be understood…a ‘failure or refusal to act’ in accordance to the obligations concerning those duties signifies an inability to hold the office which is now being held.”

The woman in charge of this police brutality petition is named Danette Chavis. She’s even put together a video with audio dialogue. You can view it below.

Have you, a family member, or friend been affected by police brutality? If so, what is the effect on your family?

If you have family or friends are who law enforcement officers, how are they affected by all of the recent commotion?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Video Credits: YouTube / Photo Credits: Change.org]