Kim Kardashian Interview: Even With A Child, She’s Always Camera-Ready

Kim Kardashian’s interviews always have something interesting to reveal about her personal methods. Here, she shares a few beauty and glamour secrets. Take notes.

As you probably know, you’ll never catch Kim in front of a camera unprepared — unless she wants you to see her that way. The Kardashians are known for living in the spotlight.

And since they’re always in that light, why wouldn’t they stay ready? Honestly, they never know when paparazzo will appear (or not appear) and snag a photo of them.

Mrs. West assures that’s never a problem. As Kim sits for an interview with Kelly Ripa, she elaborates on her process.

“I do really enjoy the process of getting ready. Now that I have a baby, my time is cut in half. I don’t have the tolerance that I used to. But I set up a playroom right next to my glam-room. So, there can be Frozen on and all the play stuff, and we can kind of do it at the same time.”

Kardashian loves her daughter, North West, sincerely. And best believe that North is taking after her mother very well. You rarely see the little one in front of the camera without a pose and facial expression, right?

Kim Kardashian Interview - Even With A Child, She's Always Camera-Ready III
Credits: Instagram

She’s learning so early.

“She totally lets me do her hair. She’s not fussy, if she can brush her teeth. She’s obsessed with brushing her teeth. While I do her hair, it’s totally fine. And she loves makeup.

Every night, before we go to bed, she plays in my purse — and I just had to get her her own set of makeup brushes, so that she could stop losing mine and destroying all of my makeup.”

Aside from playing dress-up with her daughter, it’s not that Kim Kardashian absolutely has to glam up in order to look good. She does it because she likes it. There are plenty of times Kim’s gone makeup-free on her Instagram page as well.

Kim Kardashian Interview - Even With A Child, She's Always Camera-Ready II
Credits: Instagram

According to Into The Gloss, she states as follows about her love of her beauty process.

“I have so many friends who don’t wear makeup and hardly ever do their hair. I feel really blessed because I genuinely love the process of getting my hair and makeup done.

Even beyond that, I just love to take care of my skin. I’m always researching different products, and I always try so many different things. I don’t just stick to one face wash or moisturizer.”

It’s apparent that she just likes to look great. Kim has stated before that she has insecurities like everyone else. She’s definitely as human as the rest of us. And likewise, she desires to look presentable at all times.

What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s beauty? Many women could take notes from her initiative to always be ready.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

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