Who Is Tony Harris Of ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’ 2015 Season With Kaitlyn Bristowe?

Tony Harris is one of the guys on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season with Kaitlyn Bristowe. He is a bachelor who definitely has a unique style as viewers have already seen. There is quite a bit more with Tony coming up in the next episode and fans want to know more about this guy. What’s the scoop on Harris?

As Reality Steve has shared, Tony Harris is 35-years-old and hails from St. Louis, Missouri. Tony is said to work as a personal trainer and physical therapist, though he’s not what most would say seems like the typical kind of personal trainer usually cast on The Bachelorette. Some might find it interesting to note that Harris’ ABC profile lists his occupation as simply “healer,” a description that surely syncs up with what fans have seen on the show so far.

Tony has three tattoos and his biggest date fear revolves around “rudeness.” He loves the movies A Christmas Story, Beetlejuice, and Into the Wild as favorites, and he says he most admires his mother.

As for the super hero he would choose to be, Harris notes Tony Stark/Iron Man, pointing out that this super hero is “humble yet arrogant, fights crime, and is hella rich.” This Bachelorette star sees marriage as an opportunity to grow and exhibit selflessness and he says that he’s definitely a romantic.

Reality Steve shares that Harris went to Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and Harris’ website says that he’s a licensed massage therapist and a certified facial stretch therapist. In addition, Steve mentioned that Tony was also licensed as a paramedic.

This season, in the early episodes of The Bachelorette, viewers noticed that Tony had a black eye, and it seems he got that just before leaving to film the show as he was taking his dog for a hike. Tony has definitely shown that he’s no typical bachelor, and many thought he perhaps clicked with Britt Nilsson a bit better than with Kaitlyn Bristowe.

How long does Tony last on Season 11 with Kaitlyn? Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that when Harris is selected to be part of a sumo wrestling group date in Week 3 airing on Monday, June 1 he takes offense to it. Apparently being on a date involving fighting is not his cup of tea and he makes it clearly known.

Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers tease that as a result of his objection to the sumo wrestling group date, Tony Harris ends up packing his bags and heading home well before the rose ceremony. However, it seems he may pop back up on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 airing in August, and many are already clamoring for a union between Tony and Ashley Salter from Chris Soules’ season last winter.

Does Kaitlyn Bristowe find love on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season? How wild will Tony Harris’ exit be? Viewers can’t wait to find out.

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