Niall Horan Loses Underwear To Ashton Irwin, Praises Perrie Edwards

Niall Horan needs to keep an eye on his underwear drawer — Ashton Irwin recently revealed that he nicked a pair of Niall’s knickers.

According to Sugarscape, Ashton Irwin confessed his crime during an interview with BBC Radio 1 host Scott Mills. The 5 Seconds of Summer star was rather unapologetic about borrowing Niall Horan’s briefs and failing to give them back — in fact, it sounds like Niall’s underwear are now his favorite pair.

“I borrowed some of Niall’s underwear once… I live and breathe in Niall Horan’s underwear,” Ashton revealed.

Ashton isn’t the only human being who has pilfered Niall Horan’s underpants. According to the Mirror, a sneaky One Direction fan managed to get her hands on a pair of Niall’s dirty drawers last month. The fan snagged the underwear after Niall rented a house owned by her boss. Niall was staying at the Georgia home during the U.S. Masters golf tournament, and the Directioner got the thrill of a lifetime when her boss asked her to do Niall Horan’s laundry. However, she became the subject of a ton of Twitter abuse after she bragged about stealing Niall’s Calvin Klein underwear and wearing them.

If Niall Horan keeps losing his underwear to Ashton Irwin and creepy fans, how he is supposed to do his signature underwear dance?

Niall is probably too busy making sure that no one steals his favorite hat to keep a close eye on his undies. As Twist Magazine points out, the One Direction singer really loves his tweed newsboy cap, but Directioners recently poked fun at it by starting the #Replace1DSongsWithNiallsHat Twitter trend.

During a Twitter Q&A, Niall Horan revealed that his favorite hat isn’t going anywhere.

Niall can be seen wearing a similar hat in the video below. According to Unreality TV, it was taken during One Direction’s recent shoot with Coca-Cola.

During the 5SOS interview with Scott Mills, Calum Hood also confessed to stealing a pair of Zayn Malik’s shorts, and Ashton Irwin said that he and Naughty Boy are working on a mixtape. However, 5 Seconds of Summer fans shouldn’t star freaking out about Ashton leaving the band to partner up with Zayn’s good friend — Ashton was just joking. Speaking of Zayn Malik, the Mirror points out that Niall Horan isn’t treating his ex-bandmate’s fiancee like One Direction’s Yoko Ono — Niall recently gave Perrie Edwards some pretty amazing publicity by praising the Little Mix song “Black Magic.”

Do you think it’s weird that people steal Niall Horan’s underwear, and do you think it was nice of Niall Horan to tweet his love for Little Mix?

[Image credit: Jason Merritt/Getty]