McDonald’s Makes Changes To Food Preparation

McDonald’s is set to make changes to their food preparation techniques in an effort to increase customer satisfaction and and sales. During Wednesday’s Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference, CEO Steve Easterbrook confirmed the changes include several “little things,” which are expected to make some “big differences.”

Although he did not discuss specific details, Easterbrook said McDonald’s will change how they prepare their burgers and buns.

As reported by Fox News, the fast food giant originally served burgers hot off the grill with nicely toasted buns. However, to meet increasing demands, McDonald’s eventually resorted to microwaving their famous burgers — much to their customers’ dismay.

Easterbrook said McDonald’s will change the way the meat is cooked to provide customers with fresher, hotter, and juicer burgers. They will also increase the toasting time for buns. Although the changes are small, they are expected to increase the quality of their products.

According to Easterbrook, the changes are part of McDonald’s commitment to providing “hotter, tastier food across the menu.” As reported by The New York Times, the CEO also announced the company will “stop reporting monthly sales.”

On March 1, Steve Easterbrook replaced former CEO Don Thompson — who resigned after 25 years.

As reported by Mashable, Thompson was facing increased pressure as sales plunged in 2014. Analysts also noted shares “dropped 10 percent” between 2011 and 2014.

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Despite the criticism, Thompson remained optimistic — explaining that changes often take time and “improvements would not immediately show in the financials.”

Although he expressed a commitment bringing the fast food giant out of the slump, Don Thompson eventually resigned.

Upon news of Thompson’s resignation and Steve Easterbrook’s appointment as CEO, McDonald’s shares immediately gained two percent.

McDonald’s is still struggling to remain competitive, as other fast-food restaurants continue to provide healthier options. However, they have already made several changes to save money and increase sales.

As reported by Restaurant Business Online, the company recently discontinued seven sandwiches — in an effort to streamline their menu.

Columbia marketing professor Michelle Greenwald said the strategy is valid. However, McDonald’s could streamline the menu even further.

“They could cut their burger number in half… If you have a good burger, a really, really good burger, you don’t need a million… They should go for quality and not quantity.”

McDonald’s planned changes may not increase the nutritional value of their food. However, they are expected to enhance quality and increase customer satisfaction.

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