Bruce Jenner On Vanity Fair Cover: ‘He Wants To Be Taken Seriously’ Says Insider [Video]

Bruce Jenner is ready for his close up and plans to show his new identity on the cover of Vanity Fair in early July. Apparently, he’s chosen the magazine for its high-profile image as he unveils his transformation into the woman he’s always felt like.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and former Olympian has slowly been transforming himself from a man into a transgendered woman.


So, why Vanity Fair? Well, “we all saw what happened with the In Touch cover. He wants to be taken seriously,” a source close to Bruce told the New York Daily News. In Touch embarrassed Bruce when they photoshopped his head onto Dynasty star Stephanie Beacham’s body, and Jenner doesn’t want it to happen twice.

Another source told the New York Daily News he might set up a photo shoot with a photographer, who will “accidentally” capture Bruce running errands as a female.

“He will set it up ahead of time and either come out on a normal day — and from then on, he’ll be a woman in his daily life for the public — or he’ll go to a dinner and be in a dress. But it’s likely he’ll ease us into the nighttime look.”

His step-daughter Kim Kardashian seems to be the most accepting of Bruce’s change, although daughter Kylie is rejecting her father’s transformation. “She’s kind of shut me out lately,” Bruce explained to the Daily Mail. Kardashian, though, has apparently helped Jenner land the front page of Vanity Fair, according to USA Today, and she’s coordinating the PR to create seamless unveiling of the new Bruce. Although Jenner has yet to reveal his new name, being in Vanity Fair is a large part of that his media firestorm.

His step-daughter seemingly has “overhauled” her step-dad’s closet so Jenner will be “high fashion” since, says the New York Daily News, “when you hang with Kim you have to keep up, and that includes Bruce. No more maxi-dresses for him.”


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the cover will be shot by famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, and inside the covers, Bruce will spill the beans about his new name and identity. Kim knows, but she’s not telling. “I do. I can’t tell you though,” is all she would say, according to the Daily Mail.

USA Today reports that if Bruce does pose on the cover of Vanity Fair, it might set sales records for the Conde Nast publication, selling more than the 2005 issue which was Jennifer Aniston’s first interview since her very-public break up with Brad Pitt.

[Image credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images]