‘Beautiful Mind’ Mathematician John Nash Replaced Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity Days Before Death

John Forbes Nash Jr. was a mathematical genius who had his life chronicled in the movie A Beautiful Mind. One of Nash’s colleagues says that just days before he died in a New York taxi cab accident, he had discussed his latest and possibly most brilliant discovery to date. Mathematician Cédric Villan says that Nash told him that he had replaced Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and that the new equation would further explain quantum gravity.

The Daily Mail reports that on May 20, 2015, just three days before the tax cab accident that would take his life, Nash spoke to his friend and fellow mathematician Cédric Villan in Norway. Villan says that Nash was excited about a new discovery which he said would replace Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Though specific details on the equation were not given, Villan says that Nash’s equation would further explain quantum gravity in a way that Einstein’s did not.

Sadly, Nash would pass away on his journey back home from Norway after speaking to Villan. It was noted that Nash had just left the airport and was taking the taxi back to his home when the fatal taxi cab accident occurred. Both John Nash and his wife would pass away in the accident. Now Villan says he will be “looking into” Nash’s claims that he had found a replacement to the Theory of Relativity.

“I will certainly look into it. He explained it to me. He thought he had discovered a replacement for the equation.”

In addition to promising to look into the works left behind by Nash, Villan also took a moment to praise Nash for his contributions to the mathematics community and that he was honored to be the chairman at a lecture given by Nash.

“He qualifies as a genius. I had the honor of being the chairman at a lecture he was giving. He told about the equation he had tried to devise in his study of general relativity. He was summarizing the problem with difficult equations. It was amazing.”

The world may be mourning the loss of “a beautiful mind,” but the contributions to the scientific community may not be over for Nash. If Cédric Villan has his way, we may also be able to uncover the last gift Nash left by piecing together his final work. Do you think that Nash’s equation could replace Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ China Photos]