WWE News: Original Plans For WWE NXT Stars Sami Zayn And Kevin Owens, Injury Caused Call Up?

WWE NXT stars Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have made quite an impression on the WWE universe since the day they stepped foot into the program. NXT began to get big due to people like them putting on performances few could rival. The main roster began to take notice, so much so that many of them were jealous of the stars in NXT. However, this made a lot of people feel weird.

Could the WWE NXT stars be as amazing on the main roster? If not, why bring them up? It seems that Triple H doesn’t want the NXT guys to lose steam when they come up, which is why people like Neville have been protected since arriving. Now, Kevin Owens is being used quite well. Many wonder how WWE could bring Owens up so quickly, especially while he is still NXT Champion. Apparently, this is all due to the Sami Zayn injury.

According to Wrestling Observer Live!, the original plans were to have Zayn officially called up when he faced off with John Cena in Montreal, Canada a while back. Sadly, Zayn re-injured his shoulder and now has to miss time to get surgery and recover from the whole thing. It is said that Zayn has had this injury since before he came to WWE, but it didn’t start becoming a major problem until this year. Those plans of Zayn coming up to have a good program were called off in favor of Kevin Owens due to the injury.

WWE felt that the next best person to bring up would be Owens since he is doing quite well merchandise wise as well as the fact that his fans came with him to WWE. He is a talented worker and a bit older than most NXT starters, so he is not someone WWE was planning to keep down in NXT for a while anyway. It is thought that Owens was potentially next in line to come up behind Zayn. So, plans just called for him coming up earlier.

The plan was to have him come up to have a program with John Cena the same as we see now. However, since plans changed with Zayn the Cena/Owens program moved up.

The plan is to keep Zayn down in NXT for a bit once he comes back from his injury. It is thought that he could be back by sometime in the Fall.

Additionally, WOL also claimed that WWE had big plans for Finn Balor that should take place when he is called up to the main roster. However, it is uncertain what those plans are as of now. A rumor being discussed is having him win the WWE United States Championship right when he comes up, but that is obviously not certain.

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