Basketball Star Alex ‘Superman’ Johnson Surprises Girlfriend With A Diamond Ring, ‘Love & Basketball’ Style Marriage Proposal [Video]

According to YouTube, there’s a very popular video going viral. Published on May 28, the video titled “Love and Basketball proposal 2015 – Superman Johnson vs Breyschoice” has received more than 680,000 views and counting.

It is listed as the fourth most popular YouTube video on their list of 200 popular videos at the moment. That’s because the video shows Canadian basketball star Alex “Superman” Johnson proposing to Brey Dorsett in a Love & Basketball-inspired move.

Love & Basketball was a movie released in 2000 that showed a man and woman growing up next to one another and eventually falling in love over their shared love of basketball. It has developed a cult following in the 15 years since its release, and apparently folks like Alex are turning to it to make their wedding proposal videos stand out.

The Love & Basketball proposal has made ESPN and other outlets stand up and take notice. Perhaps it’s the way Johnson fakes out Brey several times and drives to the hole past her, then pretends to be injured, that makes it notable. Finally, Alex falls to the floor and Brey has a great look of concern on her face, one that turns to covered-mouth joy as she notices the box containing her engagement ring.

In the wake of the “Love and Basketball proposal 2015 – Superman Johnson vs Breyschoice” video going viral on YouTube, both of their Instagram accounts have lit up with reactions. There are a plethora of comments on YouTube and Instagram as well.

Alex’s Instagram gives thanks for Brey.

When God grants you that special someone. Give praise and thank him for the continuous blessings. Let’s make it official @breyschoice

Brey’s Instagram shows off her ring, and she turns to Scripture to express her joy.

brey dorsett ring alex johnson marriage wedding thanks

“‘I have found the one whom my soul loves’ – Song of Solomon 3:4”

As noted by the New York Post, 27-year-old Alex received a yes from Brey for all of his faked injury efforts that made his unique proposal go viral online.

As reported by the Inquisitr, another viral video about a wedding ring includes a less happier scenario, when Ben Affleck was spotted wearing no wedding ring in Canada the day before wife Jennifer Garner’s birthday. Here’s hoping the marriage between Brey and Alex experiences a much happier ending — and perhaps a role in a Love & Basketball sequel, if that film ever emerges.

The fiancée of Johnson was a former UNC Greensboro guard.

[Image via YouTube]