One Direction Split Announcement Imminent Amidst Infighting Rumors?

It is never hard to find a rumor about One Direction. If the rumor mill isn’t grinding out stories about Harry Styles’ love life or Niall Horan’s underwear, then you can be sure that there will be a rumor that One Direction are on the verge of splitting up. As any One Direction fan knows, the boy band were brought together on Simon Cowell’s reality TV show X-Factor during its 2010 season.

One Direction members Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan, together with former member Zayn Malik, were formed into a band after each of the five were rejected at the “boot camp” stage of the hit show. Since then, One Direction have gone on to become the world’s biggest boy band with four hit albums and three massive world tours behind them. One Direction have won an incredible 168 music industry awards and have received 326 nominations in just over four years.

In March of this year, fans of One Direction were rocked when former member Zayn Malik flew home from their latest world tour and subsequently announced that he was quitting the band for good. Prior to Malik quitting One Direction, there had been rumors for months that he was on the verge of leaving as a result of stress. It is believed that One Direction’s relentless schedule, constant touring, and promotional activities were behind Malik’s decision to quit.

There have been numerous rumors that One Direction will split when the current tour concludes and their fifth album is delivered. One Direction were signed on a five-year, five-album deal by Simon Cowell’s SyCo, and that deal expires at the end of this year. In recent weeks, stories about the various members of One Direction preparing for life after the band have surfaced.

It has been said that Harry Styles is lining up a movie career, that Louis Tomlinson is about to be named as a judge on the next season of X-Factor, and there has been constant speculation about solo projects.

Unreality TV reports that a One Direction “insider” has claimed the group will split after the conclusion of their On the Road Again tour and perhaps even before then. Seemingly Simon Cowell is desperate to keep the band together, but his pleas are falling on deaf ears.

“He [Cowell] is meeting with the boys before they resume their U.K. tour. He’ll advise them to at least see out the year together, but it’s unlikely. A split statement is coming.”

According to the International Business Times, tensions have risen inside of One Direction since Malik quit the group because “there is a lot of jealousy” in the band. Apparently, “their bond has been torn to shreds,” and the remaining members of One Direction fear that Malik will steal a march in a solo career, especially after he headed straight into the studio with Naughty Boy after quitting.

As yet, there has been no official statement from One Direction about their future after current commitments are met.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]