Scientists Predict Entire State Of Texas Will Be Underwater By Mid-June, Alarming Hoax Goes Viral

The deadly rainfall that’s swept through the state of Texas has killed an estimated 24 people. On Friday, May 29, the state received a presidential disaster declaration for the catastrophic flood as it tries to recover from the damage. However, according to a hoax making the rounds online, scientists reportedly have a daunting prediction that questions whether recovery is even possible at this point. As more storms loom over the state of Texas, the fake reports claims scientists project the conditions will only get worse, but luckily there’s a silver lining with this seemingly odd prediction.

According to Huzlers, scientists are predicting that Texas will be underwater by mid-June. The satirical site reported that scientists believe the entire state of Texas, along with parts of Louisiana and Mexico, will be underwater over the next couple weeks. The hoax claims that a scientist with the University of Houston released a brief statement regarding his weather theory.

“The state of Texas and Louisiana will be under constant rainfall started around the time of June 9-11. The rainfall will be continuous and more than one have seen in his entire life. Everyone needs to stay alert and if possible evacuate from the city of Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, New Orleans, Baton Rouge.”

The alarming hoax has caught the attention of thousands who are actually unsure whether the prediction is true or false. With all of the disheartening coverage, shocking images of the storm’s aftermath, and the upcoming hurricane season, many are worried that the prediction could actually be true. According to CNN, the city of Houston is situated in a subtropical area on relatively flat land just above sea-level. The troubling coordinates led many to believe there is a strong possibility the state could actually be flooded completely as there may be instances when flooding is “unavoidable.” CNN’s claim has left many readers baffled by the satirical prediction report.

However, some are questioning the validity of the claims; one report outlandishly warns of sharks in the flood water in Houston. But, surprisingly, the frustration has nothing to do with the alarming “underwater” hoax, but rather the debatable existence of climate control and global warming. The CNN report also touched on a number of problematic factors where climate change is concerned. Although the state of Texas probably won’t be underwater by mid-June, the CNN report argues that it could happen over time due to climate change.

Here’s an excerpt from the report.

“Climate change will increase the frequency and intensity of rainstorms in much of the country. According to the federal U.S. Global Change Research Program, the type of heavy rainstorms that currently occur once every 20 years could happen at least twice as often in Southern states such as Texas if an aggressive emissions reduction program isn’t implemented.”

Here are some of the tweets about the Texas hoax:

Although there are many questions regarding the climate control and the global warming hoax, there is one claim that has been proven to be false. There is no valid claim about any predictions regarding the entire state of Texas being underwater by mid-June. The prediction report was published by Huzlers and Not Allowed To. Both satire sites only post reports that make readers laugh or scratch their heads!

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