No Google Nexus Tablet But Two New Phones, Say Rumors

Google is not expected to release a new Google Nexus tablet this year, but the company is expected to release two new phones. The tech giant has still not confirmed any of these rumors, but it seems that various tech publications are confident they will happen. The two phones are expected to take on various flagship phones from other companies.

CNET reports that LG is expected to make the first of two phones, which is currently being called the Angler. It will be a 5.2-inch screen, taking on phones like the Samsung Galaxy series and iPhone 6. Huawei is expected to manufacture the second phone, currently being named the Bullhead. This will take on the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note series with a 5.7-inch display.

Google tends not to release two Nexus phones in a year, sticking to the release of a tablet instead. Some have suggested that the company is doing this because it needs to take on competition from Apple. Last year was the first time Apple released two phones of different sizes, taking on competition from Samsung.

The downside is that it seems to be a downgrade from the current Google Nexus 6. The phablet has a six-inch screen without a smaller version. It may be that the phone is not popular or accessible enough for average customers. The downsize could be a way to bring the price down and create a phone that the majority of people want.

According to the Christian Post, the Angler will have the Snapdragon 808 processor, which is a hexa-core 64-bit processor. This chip is already in use on the G4 by LG, so it certainly makes sense. A Snapdragon processor will also be in use on the Bullhead, although it will be the 810 chip. However, Huawei usually opts for the Kirin chipsets, so the Snapdragon could be a false rumor.

So far, the phones have not been mentioned at the Google I/O event, but that is not completely surprising. The Google Nexus 6 was not announced at last year's event but was released later in the year.

There has been no date rumored for the release of what are expected to be versions of the Google Nexus 7. Most devices are released towards the end of the year, which will make sense to battle competition against other phone manufacturers. It will also mean a release around Black Friday, a popular time for the Google Nexus devices.

[Photo by Tatsuhiko MiyagawaCreative Commons 2.0]