Zayn Malik's Future? August Track, Race Cars, 50 Cent, 'X-Factor'

Gossip about Zayn Malik two months after he quit One Direction is finally taking a turn -- and it appears that many of his previously extended career options are still open to him. However, things are not as rosy as they could be for Zayn Malik at the end of May, and some of his career offers may not have the door open for much longer.

What does Zayn Malik think about his career options post-One Direction? So far, Zayn Malik has not been making any fast plans about his bride-to-be, Perrie Edwards -- despite allegations that Zayn quit One Direction to be with her.

On Instagram on May 27, Zayn Malik posted a playful picture of himself riding around on go-karts. Could Zayn Malik quit music and become a race car driver? Was the tweet on March 27 by Perry's Motors a premonition?

If so, Zayn Malik would not be the first hunky celebrity to take the Formula One route. After a great deal of success on Beverly Hills 90210, Jason Priestly became a race car driver for a short period of time -- until he crashed and burned on a Kentucky motor speedway in 2002.

Will Zayn Malik end up in the headlines for winning the Indy 500? Time will tell if this career shift will be Zayn Malik's finish line, but it is more likely that Zayn Malik will choose to keep contributing to the music world.

Sadly, even though he has at least two months to figure out what he is going to do next, Zayn Malik himself still has not released new music or announced any official plans about his solo post-1D pursuits.

What we do know about Zayn Malik's upcoming career is that it is still not clear if he will be a judge on the U.K. X-Factor television show. Despite this, the Metro U.K. says gambling websites in the U.K. are voting on whether Zayn Malik or Louis Tomlinson will be picked for X-Factor judges.

As of May 29, Louis Tomlinson was in the lead. The Metro U.K. stated the following about what will happen if Zayn Malik or Louis Tomlinson beats out the other.

"This could be the end of any pretense that the boys are still good friends – especially if Simon [Cowell] chooses Louis over Zayn!"
Other facts we now know about Zayn Malik's post-One Direction career is that he will have new music out by August -- if you believe Naughty Boy.

According to the Mirror U.K. Naughty Boy says Zayn Malik will be on his next album -- along with other collaborators. Naughty Boy also states the following about new music from Zayn Malik.

"I'm keeping it interesting. I'm an artist person and I'm drawn to proper singers and artists and to me Zayn is the epitome of a great artist.... You are going to be shocked by what he comes out with."
What does Naughty Boy think about Zayn Malik's future career? He states, "I feel that the last five years have the most important for him [Zayn Malik] but I feel he has a future beyond that."

Regardless, Zayn Malik has not confirmed or denied that he will actually be releasing any new music soon or if he will be a part of Naughty Boy's next album.

Speaking of a musical future beyond Naughty Boy, 50 Cent has had an open invitation to sign up Zayn Malik since before he quit One Direction. Three months after the fact, 50 Cent is still waiting for an answer from Zayn Malik. Will the door on 50 Cent's offer eventually close before Zayn Malik can decide?

Meanwhile, Zayn Malik is enjoying the good life making dinner for Perrie Edwards. Perrie also jokes that Zayn is possibly working on a career as a chef.

No matter what, it seems that Zayn Malik does not need to act fast about career plans post-One Direction because fans are still finding ways to show Zayn Malik that they truly care.

For example, the New York Daily News wrote about Zayn Malik fans "trolling" President Obama two months after he quit One Direction -- proving that Zayn Malik is still No. 1 in the hearts of loyal fans.

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