WWE ‘Elimination Chamber’ Recap And Results: Who Is The New IC Champ? Did Kevin Owens Take Out John Cena Again?

WWE decided to bring back the Elimination Chamber this year, and it was on extremely short notice. It was just two weeks ago that Payback took place, but tonight, the chambers of chain returned and brought forth some great action. Take a look below to see all the results and a full recap of what happened in every match.

wwe elimination chamber wwe title

J&J Security and Kane were all at ringside to back up Seth Rollins, but Dean Ambrose didn’t care. The “Lunatic Fringe” took them all on from time to time and got the better of all four men sometimes. It was back and forth for the most part, but then the ref got bumped late into the match.

Ambrose hit the Dirty Deeds while the ref was out cold, and pinned Rollins. Another ref ran down after about 10 seconds and made the pin for the shocking victory.

Winner and New Champ: Dean Ambrose

Wait, the two refs talk it over and say Ambrose did win, but by disqualification since Rollins pulled the first ref into the bump. That means Ambrose won, but the title still belongs to Rollins.

Winner by DQ: Dean Ambrose – Still Champ: Seth Rollins

The Authority jumps Ambrose and this brings Roman Reigns out of the crowd. He jumps Rollins, spears Kane, and Superman punches J&J. Reigns and Ambrose clear the ring, and Ambrose steals the WWE Title.

wwe elimination chamber intercontinental title

Mark Henry is the replacement for an injured Rusev. Dolph Ziggler and King Barrett start things out, and Ziggler eventually gets laid out. Barrett then destroys R-Truth as his pod opens up, and goes to work on the two babyfaces. Barrett slams Ziggler into Henry’s chamber and breaks the glass open to let the big man in.

Soon after, Ryback joins the match and goes after Henry. Everyone hits a big move on Barrett and it leads to R-Truth eliminating him first. Later, Truth is eliminated by Ryback as Sheamus is stuck in his cell, but by his own doing.

He lets everyone destroy each other, comes out, and his a Brogue Kick on Henry to eliminate him. After some wild action, Sheamus gets the best of an exhausted Ziggler and pins him. Ryback and Sheamus battle it out, but the “Big Guy” gets the upper-hand, hits the ShellShock, and gets the pin.

Winner and New Champ: Ryback

Daniel Bryan presents the Intercontinental Title to Ryback, and the big guy shows huge respect to Bryan. The former champ then leads the crowd in a giant “Feed Me More” chant.

wwe elimination chamber neville bo dallas

Neville begins in control with some high risk moves, but Bo Dallas then controls almost the entire match from that point. He hits a big DDT, huge kicks, and tried for the running Bo-Dog, but gets caught with an enzuigiri. Neville hits the Red Arrow, and that’s it.

Winner: Neville

wwe elimination chamber cena owens

This is easily a candidate for Match of the Year, and it deserves it. Both men put every single thing they had into this match, and you can tell they brought out the best in one another. John Cena gave it all in this one, and he didn’t need to do it, but he showed why Kevin Owens is a star.

Owens broke out moves that no man his size should ever be able to do. The crowd saw him do a Package Piledriver, Swanton Bomb, transition Springboard Moonsault, and so much more. Owens even hit Cena with his own AA at one point.

The ending came as Cena locked in the STFU, but Owens reached for the rope and got out. They fought to the top rope and Owens hit a top rope brainbuster and the Swanton for two. Cena hits a huge lariat, but walks into a second Pop-Up Powerbomb for the clean three.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Owens grabs a microphone and gives a great promo about everyone knowing his name and finishing a fight he started with 15-time world champ John Cena. Owens then has some “veteran advice” for Cena and says, “John, it’s time for you to leave…because your time is up and my time is now. The Champ is Here!”

wwe elimination chamber divas title

Naomi bails out to start and after a while, slams Paige into the announce table. All three divas put on a great match and the ending was kind of wild. Paige locked in the PTO on Nikki, but Naomi broke it up just in time. All of a sudden, Naomi pulls this gigantic reverse Frankensteiner on Paige, and it was amazing.

As she turns around, Nikki hits her with the Rack Attack to retain. One of the best Divas matches on WWE TV in quite some time.

Winner and Still Champ: Nikki Bella

Lana approaches Dolph Ziggler backstage and says the IC Title would look great on him, but he needs to be careful in the match tonight.

wwe elimination chamber tag titles

This match was huge and lasted about 40 minutes with a ton of huge spots. It’s really hard to recap everything here, but there was a giant Tower of Doom, huge Triple Suplex, El Torito was involved, all three members of New Day were in a pod, and the crowd stayed dead.

Los Matadores were eliminated first, followed by the Lucha Dragons, The Ascension, Brass Ring Club, and then the Prime Time Players. The Ascension and PTP really had impressive showings. New Day triple-teamed Titus O’Neil and dogpiled on him to get the pin.

Winners and Still Champs: The New Day

That’s it for Elimination Chamber as WWE has completed two Pay-Per-View events in just two weeks. Now, there is a bit more clarity heading into the summer as Money In The Bank is up next and then Battleground in July. What does the future hold for Kevin Owens, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and others?

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