SATC: Not 100% Fluff?!

Sarah Jessica Parker has been talking. . . and talking. . . and talking about SATC, which is premiering tomorrow. For everyone who will be dragged to theatres at the end of the month by their significant other, gaggle of gal pals or flamboyantly single best friend, take heart.

Sarah Jessica Parker recently opened up in an interview in Parade, saying that Sex and the City might not be the fluff parade we’re all expecting:

Carrie and Charlotte and Miranda and Samantha aren’t young anymore. Their lives are much less frivolous. They can’t cope with their problems by putting on their sweats and staying up all night and ordering in food and gossiping about the men in their lives. There is less self-absorption but perhaps a little more self-awareness.

OKay, she did say a “little.” But there’s still hope! I’m personally thinking about boycotting the whole thing just because they are so cheating on New York. The grand premiere is in London. Sarah Jessica’s only steady flame, The City, has been jilted, and I’m not so sure I can forgive that.