Sonic Drive-In Responds To Pic Of Restaurant’s Disgusting Storage Location

A Sonic Drive-In in Topeka, Kansas, was the scene of the now-viral (or should I say “bacterial”) pic posted above.

The internet nearly lost its proverbial lunch after seeing the racks of hot dog buns stored right next to a toilet seat in one of the restaurant’s bathrooms.

While it’s understandable if you’re not feeling the extra-long chili cheese coney after this, the company has issued a response, and they assure you there is nothing to worry about.

Manager of Corporate Communications Jason Acock issued this statement on Friday confirming that the incident had been investigated.

“An employee made an error by storing the bread racks in the restroom for 30 minutes. Upon realizing the error, the manager immediately removed the bread from the location and all bread was discarded. The Franchisee will counsel the employee and give additional training to the entire drive-in staff to ensure proper food safety steps are taken moving forward.”

The Sonic Drive-In representative also stated that health inspectors had since been to the restaurant, finding no further safety issues.

“This drive-in has a very strong food safety record and has never had issues with food storage,” he added.

So there you go, readers. Nothing to worry about. Still, that hasn’t stopped many online from declaring they would “never eat there again.”

“Sonic on 29th and gage [sic],” wrote one commenter. “EEWWWWWW!! DON’T EAT THERE!!!”

Commenter Diane Turner doubted the trustworthiness of the Sonic Drive-In statement, stating that “you know d*** well they did not discard the buns.”

Some of the less bright commenters didn’t see the danger, noting that the buns “had plastic on them” while others admonished.

“You don’t think that germs and elimination particles get airborne and land on the plastic? Once the plastic is open those same hands that touch the plastic, touch the buns. That’s why we never sit at the table next to restroom at restaurants or last row of airplane next to bathroom. Why breathe inhale [sic] others potty particles?”

Still others simply had fun at the situation.

“Well, now there’s something soft and absorbent close at hand should they run out of toilet paper!”

What do you think about this situation, readers? Could you see yourself eating at this Sonic Drive-In knowing things like this go on behind closed doors? And do you think it’s fair that social media is now making the entire franchise out to be the butt of a joke (sorry)?

[Image via KSNT]