Paige Birgfeld, Lester Ralph Jones: ‘Dateline NBC’ Features Grand Junction, Colorado, Soccer Mom’s Secret Life, Disappearance, And Death

The Paige Birgfeld, Lester Jones murder case is returning to TV tonight in an episode of Dateline. The NBC documentary covered the case of Paige Birgeld in an earlier episode. The story tonight is a restructured, updated version of the original show which includes new developments. Paige Birgfeld, a 34-year old mother, disappeared in 2007, after speaking with her ex-husband. Her case was featured on Investigation Discovery’s (ID) Disappeared and CBS’ 48 Hours.

Paige Birgfeld was last heard from by ex-husband Ron Biegler. The two spoke by phone as Paige made her way home from work on June 28, 2007. When Ron last spoke to Paige, she told him that she was on her way home, and that she had plans to meet up with a client that evening.

Everyone who knew Paige Birgfeld knew that she was a dedicated mother who loved her kids. Regarded as a soccer mom by most residents in her city, Paige took care of her lavish home by working multiple jobs that included selling kitchenware through Pampered Chef and teaching dance to small girls. Birgfeld was considered a hardworking mom who just needed to carve out a good living for her children.

What no one knew was that Paige had a third job, a job that would take her to the seedy side of town, where she worked as an escort and stripper at an exotic club. Her double life was kept secret from most family members and acquaintances. But that secrecy would come back to haunt her in the worst way.

Three days after Ron Biegler spoke to Paige Birgfeld, he found out from her 8-year old daughter that she never came home. Frantic, he contacted police, and the little girl and the nanny arrived at the police station to make a missing persons report, according to the Denver Post.

There was no sign of Paige. Frantic family members knew that not showing up at home to take care of her daughter meant that she was in danger. But it was worst than just danger. She was dead. Her torched red car was found just days later. But who would kill this innocent and beautiful young mother?

Police knew about another ex-husband named Rob Dixon, who had a criminal record for domestic violence. Despite their tumultuous past, Rob Dixon didn’t seem like their guy.

A lead in 2007, pointed to a man named Lester Jones, aka Lester Ralph Jones, a 63-year old man with a prior criminal record that included attempted kidnapping. Not only that. Jones had been a client of Paige Birgfeld.

Without any direct evidence against him, and no body, the case grew cold for years with no other leads. But that all changed in March, 2012, when Paige Birgfeld’s skeletal remains were found near Wells Gulch off of Highway 50. Coroner’s were not able to confirm exactly how the Grand Junction mother had died. In 2014, law enforcement investigators arrested long-time suspect Lester Jones for second-degree murder and kidnapping. Though not confirmed, it is believed that Paige may have made one last attempt to leave behind clues by tossing some of her belongings out of a window, not far from where her remains were eventually found.

Watch Dateline NBC’s episode “The Secret Life Of A Soccer Mom” tonight at 10/9c.

In the following video, the name of the victim is misspelled as Berkley.

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