June 29, 2017
Police Still Searching For Kyron Horman Five Years Later, Hope $50K Reward Will Help Resolve Missing Child's Case

Nearly five years ago, on June, 2010, after being reportedly dropped off at school by his stepmother, seven-year-old Kryon Horman went missing. No leads ever turned up, and speculation into Terri Horman -- the boy's stepmother -- has never panned out. Despite the case being nearly five -years-old, police are still searching for young Kyron Horman.

Terri Horman says she dropped Kyron off at this school, Skyline Elementary, and walked him to the hallway just outside of his class. She still claims she kissed him goodbye, and left, but the Kyron's teacher marked him absent that day, and no one remembers having seen the boy at school, police say.

Less than a month after Kyron's disappearance, his father, Kaine Horman, filed for divorce, and requested a restraining order against Terri. In the divorce filings, Kaine said he believed she was involved in Kyron's disappearance.

Since Kyron went missing, volunteers, relatives, and even search dogs have been employed in the police's efforts in searching for the boy, but not a single trace has ever been found.

Despite this, police say, they are still searching for Kyron, and the police department assigned to the case have said they are now offering a $50,000 reward for any information that will help find Kyron. The police department released a statement detailing their continued involvement,.

"The Kyron Horman case remains active with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. A full time Sheriff's Office detective is primarily assigned to the Kyron Horman missing child investigation, and efforts to locate Kyron. Additionally, a now retired FBI Agent with years of experience in the Child Abduction Rapid Deployment teams (CARD) continues his involvement in this case, reviewing the evidence amassed by investigators."
Though police have never officially named a suspect in Kyron's disappearance, Kaine Horman isn't the only one to believe Terri had a hand in it. Kryon's mother, Desiree Young, believes Terri is at fault for Kryon going missing, and in fact, believes it was premeditated. In 2013, Desiree and Kaine were on an episode of Dr. Phil to talk about Kyron's disappearance. It was during this confrontation that Young says Kaine had been having an affair with Terri while he was still married to Young, and while she was seven-months pregnant with Kyron. Their marriage eventually dissolved, and Kaine married Terri. Young believes Horman was also having an affair behind Terri's back, and that the affair was the trigger that led her to do something to Kyron out of revenge.

Though as of yet, there continue to be no leads in Kyron Horman's disappearance, police are still searching for the boy, and everyone continues to hold out hope that he will eventually be found alive, and returned to his family.