Two Little Girls Battling Cancer Hug: Photo Goes Viral

Margaret Minnicks

A photo was taken of two little girl hugging. Both girls are battling cancer. The photo has gone viral since it was posted on Facebook by Tazz Jones, mother of one of the girls. According to Today Health, Jones said she took the photo a few weeks ago. While at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, she noticed her 5-year-old daughter, Maliyah, hugging 2-year-old Madelina as they looked out a window at the hospital.

Jones got permission from Madelina's mother to take the picture and post it. On May 3, Jones posted the photo on Facebook. She encouraged others to share the photo of Madelina and Maliyah. She described the photo as "the perfect example of love."

Kristin DeLuca said she thought it was a cute picture of the two girls who had just met. She is surprised the photo has gone viral, but she is glad it has. Also, there is love shown between the two little girls as they look out the window.

"For some reason, they both went over and sat down on this little ledge that they have, it's like a little heater [by the window], and then Maliyah put her hand over her [shoulder]. It was just amazing."

Madelina DeLuca was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in November, when she was only 23-months-old. She appears to be cancer-free. However, doctors continue to monitor her health.

"I hope people will take time to realize just how precious life is and also no matter the circumstances, there is always someone looking out for you. These girls may be young, but the battles they have already fought and continue to fight is something that makes them our warriors. Their bravery and strength through the difficult times during treatment shows the fighters that they are!"
"I want people to feel hope. I want people to know that there's always someone out there for you, always a friend. It doesn't matter if you've known them for 50 days, for your whole lifetime, or for just a few hours; there's always someone there for you."

[Images via Tazz Jones]