Russian Sinkholes UFO ‘Entrance Holes’ For ‘Alien Base’ Below Ural Mountains, UFO Blog Proposes

Mysterious sinkholes appearing throughout the Russian Ural Mountains are actually UFO “entrance/exit holes,” according to one prominent online UFO researcher, who believes that there may be a massive alien space base somewhere under the 1,300-mile mountain range.

The bizarre holes have been opening up at various points throughout the region for months, baffling scientists who have come up with a variety of theories to explain the holes as a result of natural phenomena.

The international, Russian-sponsored news channel Russia Today covered the story of the strange sinkholes, as seen in the video, above — but came up with no definitive answer as to what could be causing them to appear.

“Subterranean Soviet missile stations — or tunnels to the center of the earth?” the news channel wondered on its YouTube page. “A whole host of theories have emerged after a large hole appeared near Russia’s Urals mountains. An emergency situation committee has yet to say what caused it, or how they’re responding. Meanwhile mysterious sinkholes have also appeared elsewhere in the region.”

The growing consensus appears to be that the holes are caused by gases bubbling up from underground, that melt the permanent frost in the frigid region — the result of global warming — causing gaping holes in the Earth’s surface to open and expand, such as this one, which appeared back in February this year.

But noted online UFO researcher, Scott C. Waring — best known for his frequently updated blog UFO Sightings Daily — has a different idea. While he puts his theory forward as merely one possibility, it may be the most incredible explanation yet for the strange Russian sinkholes.

“These holes are appearing all over the Ural Mountains and all they have are some good guesses, but scientists are still baffled by the exact cause,” Waring wrote on his well-trafficked blog Thursday.

“I do believe that a UFO that is being transported below the ground could cause such a thing, however it is unique and probably only caused by one particular species. The area seems to have many holes so it’s possible an active alien base is below the Urals.”

Similar UFO theories have existed for quite some time, long before Waring came up with his theory to explain the Russian sinkholes. For example, some UFOlogists have subscribed for decades to the so-called “Hollow Earth Theory,” which holds that the entire center of our planet is a world unto itself — an elaborate civilization rather than a searing core of molten lava.

In this theory, UFOs come not from outer space, but from within the Earth.

The “Hollow Earth” even has its own sun, inside the planet, in some versions of the theory — and as illustrated in this diagram.

Waring did not say whether he believes that the Hollow Earth theory may explain the Russian sinkholes, or whether the UFO aliens simply carved out their own base in the area.

[Image: Russia Today News Screen Grab]