Creationist Stumbles Upon 60-Million-Year-Old Fossils, Still Doesn’t Change Belief Earth Is Only 6,000-Years-Old

A prominent Canadian creationist has stumbled upon five 60-million-year-old fossils of fish. Which is kind of a big deal for him, because the religion that he adheres to insists that the Earth is actually only 6,000-years-old.

Edgar Nernberg isn’t just a passive creationist. He is actually on the board of directors of Big Valley’s Creation Science Museum, which looks to rival other museums in the region by informing its visitors of their beliefs.

According to the Washington Post, Nernberg made the unusual discovery while he excavated a basement in Calgary. But does this mean that he is about to jump ship and declare that the beliefs he once held dear are actually all incorrect? Not a chance.

Speaking to the Calgary Sun, Nernberg declared, “No, it hasn’t changed my mind. We all have the same evidence, and it’s just a matter of how you interpret it. There’s no dates stamped on these things.”

To be fair to Nernberg, he is correct. Unfortunately, the fish didn’t come with a birth or death certificate.

After he stumbled upon these discoveries, Nernberg, who is an amateur fossil collector, immediately knew that he needed to contact a palaeontologist.

In his statement, Nernberg explained, “When the five fish fossils presented themselves to me in the excavator bucket, the first thing I said was you’re coming with me, the second thing was I better call a palaeontologist.”

Nernberg immediately recognized the fossils, which were a unique find for the area because any that are usually found in Calgary are of dinosaurs instead because of the age of the rocks.

Unlike Nernberg, scientists over at the University Of Calgary are ecstatic with this discovery, which they are set to unveil to the world on Thursday. The fish that has been discovered is believed to have existed just after the dinosaurs became extinct. During this period, a number of other species were allowed to thrive, and it’s regarded as an important era in the history of the globe because of the new species that emerged.

Despite the fact that these findings eclipse his museum’s timeline by millions of years, Nernberg is insistent that he’d like one of the fish for the Creation Museum collection. In fact, he’s even asked for a cast of one to be made for him.

Nernberg declared, “If I had my druthers, I’d want them in the museum. This is certainly the coolest thing I’ve found over the years.”

[Photo by Daniel LeClair/Getty Images]