Guan Hsuing: Woman Nearly Chokes To Death On Metal Spatula [Graphic Video]

Guan Hsuing, a 31-year-old Chinese woman, is lucky to be alive after doctors had to remove a 12-inch-long metal spatula from her throat.

Hsuing was reportedly trying out a new recipe with “exotic spices” when she began having an allergic reaction, the Daily Mail reports.

After trying a couple of home remedies to unclog her airway, including her fingers and a set of chopsticks, she turned to the burger-flipping device. Big mistake.

The utensil became lodged in her throat as you can see from the X-ray (pictured above). The woman’s daughter tried pulling the spatula from her mom’s throat, but eventually had to call for an ambulance.

Guan Hsuing was rushed to the hospital where doctors had to go to extreme measures to remove the utensil. These measures included “cutting eight inches” from her esophagus and “stretching out” her stomach lining to connect the two.

Apparently you can’t pull something like this without becoming the butt of many jokes online. Daily Mail commenters were especially harsh.

“Brilliant. I love these stories because when I doubt my intelligence or common sense/logic I read these stories and think ahhhhhh….there are millions more stupid people than me out there.”

Others found it amusing that the doctors would need an X-ray to diagnose.

While I definitely get the sentiment, one doesn’t always think clearly in the midst of an allergic reaction, so I’m willing to give Ms. Hsuing the benefit of the doubt here.

Warning: The video below is pretty graphic. Discretion is advised.

(And no, that’s not because I’ve actually done it.)

People have managed to get some strange objects/creatures stuck in them before. Take this previous story from the Inquisitr when, again a woman from China, went to the doctor with an ear irritation.

Dr. Liu Sheng, wanting to help the woman, looked inside and discovered a spider living inside the woman’s ear canal. Sheng believes that the spider must have entered Ms. Lee’s house during renovations and crawled inside her while she was sleeping.

Instead of attempting to take the living spider out of her ear with equipment, fearing that the process would cause the arachnid to drill its barbs deeper into her ear, the doctor and his colleagues forced the spider out of the woman’s ear canal using a saline solution.

As for Guan Hsuing, do you think her attempted solution was crazy/stupid, or would you have done something similar? How have you responded to allergic reactions in the past? Sound off in the comments section!

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