Dog Walker Kicks Puppy: Chicago Dog Walker Caught On Video Stepping On And Kicking Dogs [Video]

A professional dog walker kicks a puppy while in an apartment elevator and the incident was captured on video. The man is identified as Jon Steinholt, according to CBS2. He was forced to shut down his business, Alone at Home Pet Care.

In the video seen below, the Chicago dog walker is seen waited for another man to exit the elevator before harming a Beagle that was seen hunched in the corner. Steinholt stepped on the animal's paw then swung his foot at another dog named Chloe.

The 55-second video is posted below.

According to the report, a security guard witnessed the dog walker stepping on and kicking the dogs live from a monitor after it came to his attention that the dog was acting strangely -- the property manager of the Catalyst Apartments told DNA Info Chicago. Once the guard gave the video to apartment management, police were alerted to the shocking footage.

Steinholt soon sent an email to all of his customers... explaining that he was closing down his business.

CBS2 posted some of what he wrote.

"I am a despicable individual who did a horrible thing to a defenseless animal. I deserve all that I am now receiving. I am ashamed of my actions."
Ironically, the owner of one of the dogs that Steinholt was seen attacking wrote in a testimonial that she believed he was a "pet-loving, respectable business owner."

She let other customers know how upset she was about the latest development surrounding the dog walker kicking a puppy.

"As you can imagine, I am extremely upset about this incident and the fact that I trusted (the man) to come into my home and care for my dog on a regular basis for the last nine months."
Chloe's owner wished not to be identified, but plans to file a police report on Thursday.

Pam Capraro, another customer, calls the video "shocking." She's used Alone At Home Pet Care's for a long time.

"There were no indications that there was a problem or we would have stopped using them," Capraro she said.

She said his customers "trusted him."

Dog owners who leave their pets in the care of others, don't expect to hear of such things. They entrust their animals to caretakers and dog walkers. So, seeing a video of a dog walker kicking a puppy or doing other harm to them is very traumatic to the owners as well as the animals.

[Photo Credit: CBS2 screenshot]