Games With Gold For June 2015 Offers Still More ‘Pool Nation FX’

Xbox One owners must love their pool games because Games with Gold for June, 2015 is offering Pool Nation FX for the third consecutive month. Balancing out the rather unimpressive pool title is Double Fine’s Massive Chalice, a turn-based strategy game.

Posting today on his blog, Major Nelson spilled the beans on the free Games with Gold for June, 2015 available for Xbox Live Gold level subscribers. The Games with Gold program offers up four games for free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers: two for the Xbox One and two for the Xbox 360 with a staggered release schedule.

Xbox One owners will see something old and something new with Massive Chalice and Pool Nation FX. Double Fine’s turn-based strategy video game is the next bite-sized game from the same team that brought us Trenched, later changed to Iron Brigade, for the Xbox 360. Inspired by tactical games such as X-COM, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Fire Emblem, players will take the role of an immortal king or queen with the task of eliminating the demonic threat and reforge the enigmatic massive chalice.

Xbox 360 owners will receive Just Cause 2 in the first half of June with Thief bringing up the rear. Just Cause 2 was praised for its open-ended world design, soundtrack, and the over-the-top mechanics available to the player. The game plays primarily as a third person shooter with driving thrown in for good measure. The story of the game revolves around Rico Rodriguez, an agent for the Agency on a mission to overthrow the dictator of fictional San Esperito.

Thief rounds out the free Games with Gold for June, 2015 with another SquareEnix title. Developed by Eidos Montreal, the reboot of the classic PC title was praised for the stealth and mechanics, but fell foul of critics in terms of story and level design. Players inhabit Garrett, a thief who often steals from the rich. With his homicidal former pupil Erin, the two are given a contract to steal something from the Baron Northcrest’s manor and end up interrupting a supernatural ritual. The result is the disappearance of Erin and Garrett’s year-long coma that finds him in a city in lockdown over a plague called “the gloom.”

Massive Chalice
Xbox One
Original Release Date | June 1, 2015
Original Price | TBA

Pool Nation FX
Xbox One
Original Release Date | April 1, 2015
Original Price | $13.99

Just Cause 2 Xbox 360 – Available June 1 – 15
Original Release Date | December 28, 2010
Original Price | $14.99

Xbox 360 – Available June 16 – 30 Original Release Date | February 25, 2014
Original Price | $29.99

[Image Source | Double Fine]