Scorned Boyfriend’s Revenge: See How One Guy Duped His Girlfriend’s Lover, Clever Idea Goes Viral [Photos]

One guy discovered his girlfriend was cheating. However, he didn’t take the approach most people would have expected. There was no verbal confrontation or physical altercation with his girlfriend’s lover. But that doesn’t mean he had no desire for revenge — he definitely did. He opted for a different type of “interaction” with the mystery guy. Now, his clever idea has gone viral.

According to Metro, the seemingly “scorned” boyfriend persuaded his girlfriend’s lover to buy him Chinese takeout. Now, most are probably wondering how on earth he could have achieved such an unbelievable feat. Well, there’s one form of communication that doesn’t exactly require verbal communication — text messaging!

Apparently, the guy thought he was talking to the girl, but unfortunately for him, he’d been unknowingly texting her boyfriend. It has been reported that the scorned boyfriend retrieved the guy’s number from his girlfriend’s cell phone and saved it in his own phone under the alias “F***Boi#3.” Posing as his girlfriend, he told the guy how much he really needed something to eat — preferably Chinese takeout.

“I want delivery to my house u gonna order it or nah,” the boyfriend texted.

An image of the screenshot has also been shared on several social media networks and it’s definitely left many viewers in hysterics.

Once the guy agreed to buy the food, the boyfriend placed his order.

“Can I get a shrimp panzit orange chicken and a lemonade please??” the boyfriend asked.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for the girlfriend’s lover to get the job done. Not long after the text message conversation, the Chinese food was reportedly delivered to the guy’s home. Of course, he shared a picture of his delectable meal to further shame his girlfriend’s lover, reports Buzzarabic. The jaw-dropping idea has caught the attention of thousands who have commended the guy for his brilliant dose of revenge.

He text the dude saved on his girlfriend's phone as 'f*ckboi#3 and convinced him he was a girl, and that he needed Chinese sent round immediately, And got it.

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[Image via Buzzarabic]