‘Bold And Beautiful’ Summer Spoilers: Maya And Rick Learn Lessons, Family Members Return To Town

This has been an explosive month on The Bold and the Beautiful, and there’s plenty more to come this summer. Rick is keeping a tight grip on his position as CEO at Forrester Creations, but that doesn’t mean the battle with Ridge is over. What Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the summer are available?

According to She Knows Soaps, there is more to come for Maya and Rick as a couple. Though Rick initially was quite supportive of Maya as she revealed that she is transgender, things got complicated when Spencer Publications revealed the details to everybody.

However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that the two will come to embrace some difficult lessons about true love, acceptance, honesty, and trust this summer. Will they be able to forge ahead as a couple? Fans are curious to find out.

Steffy is back in town, and she’s working with Ridge on the Forrester Creations takeover plans. Her return definitely ruffles the feathers of Ivy in regards to Liam, however. Steffy lets it be known that she considers Liam to be the love of her life, and while she may make it seem as if she’s pulling back, fans are sure there is more to come. In addition, viewers can expect to see John show up to stand by Ivy.

Bill will get into the mix of things regarding the Forrester Creations battle, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that his involvement may lead to a big betrayal. This will force everybody involved to shift gears, and many will be curious to see if this leads to problems in Katie and Bill’s relationship.

What about Ridge and Caroline? After a long absence, Caroline is back in town, but she has been showing support for Rick and that could cause problems in her marriage. Will she be forced to choose sides in a more definitive way between Ridge and Rick? What will it mean for her relationship?

Bold and Beautiful spoilers also detail that Quinn will once again be meddling in Wyatt’s life. In addition, viewers will see the return of the character of Zende, who was adopted by Kristen Forrester and Antonio Dominguez. According to TV Insider, actor Rome Flynn from Drumline: A New Beat will play Zende.

B&B spoilers indicate that Zende will return to town after Pam and Ridge pull him in to intern at Forrester Creations. However, apparently his connection to the family will be kept under wraps. It seems he will connect with Nicole and Maya when he hits town and there may be some romantic sparks between Nicole and Zende. His first air date is said to be June 29.

Additional Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that there is a wedding ahead this summer, but fans will have to stay tuned for details on the couple involved. It’s shaping up to be one hot summer, and viewers can’t wait to see how it all comes together. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

[Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images]