All these social media experts and no-one gets the Microsoft ads

With the new ad released to the web just today the barb trading continues with much of the talk about how Microsoft isn't talking about Windows in the ads. Here's a sampling from around the web today on what is being said

But what's odd once again about this commercial, is that Windows is never mentioned. It could have just been a fluke during the Lauren commercial — perhaps that part was on the cutting room floor — but now it's apparent that Microsoft has no intention of touting its product in its commercials. Instead, this is like an HP advertisement, just as the Lauren commercial was.

M.G. Siegler – VentureBeat

But the weird thing to me about these ads is this: They never mention Windows or argue that the presence of Windows on a computer is a selling point. Instead, they treat the OS as being pretty much irrelevant to the buying decision.

Harry McCracken – Technologizer

Let`s step back for a second and think about the one major thing that all the social media wannabe experts and PR mavens have been saying about the importance of brand. That`s right - it`s all about building and talking about the brand.

So sure Microsoft isn`t taking about Windows in these ads because that isn`t the brand that is important right now. What is important is the Microsoft brand and by default the PC brand because everyone knows that when you say PC you are talking about Microsoft. That is why it is Microsoft forking over the (pretend) money for the laptop hunters to buy that laptop with and not Windows.

Microsoft is the one that is trying to rebuild its brand in these ads not Windows because by default if you buy a (Microsoft) PC you are also buying Windows. Why fight a war on two fronts when you have it won on one front (Windows on PCs) when you only need to be fighting on one – that being getting people to believe in Microsoft again.

This has nothing to do with Windows and everything to do with Microsoft.

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