Man Proposed To Girlfriend At Friend’s Wedding: Couple Slammed For Stealing Newlyweds’ Moment

Man proposed to girlfriend at a friend’s wedding in front of their reception table. The gesture is getting a lot of criticism for stealing another couple’s moment on their own wedding day.

The bride and groom are seen as the backdrop to a man kneeling down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend at the reception. The image was posted on Reddit and has the headline, “Any Girl’s Wedding Nightmare.”

It’s unknown why the man who’s popping the question to his loving girlfriend would wait until that moment do such a thing. Maybe their newly married friends were genuinely happy for them — as they appeared in the photo — but, why would the man want to upstage the bride and groom?

Numerous commenters have called the man who proposed to his girlfriend at a friend’s wedding all kinds of names and have blasted him for the move.

“Nice way to upstage the happy couple’s big day. Douche -,” wrote one poster, according to New York Daily News.

There were even some who suggested the guy should pay for the reception since he made it all about him and his new fiancee.

Shockingly, this isn’t the only instance of such a thing going down. Another commenter shared an experience similar to what was posted on Reddit. It was a close call!

“Was just at a wedding this past friday my buddy was about to propose to his girlfriend. Myself and two other ppl got into an argument with him about how this is the wrong place at the wrong time. We managed to stop him but hes pissed at us for it.”

The bride and groom were probably quite grateful for their other friends intervening and stopping the couple from stealing a time that was all about them. It really is a bride’s worst nightmare… well, one of many. It’s not a time expected of a bride to share the spotlight. Granted, some would be thrilled to see another couple get engaged and may even like having their day be special enough for someone else to get engaged. There are a larger number who’d rather see a man like the one proposing at a friend’s wedding reception find his own way to make the moment special for his girlfriend.

This photo of the man proposing to his girlfriend at a friend’s wedding reception was posted three days ago. It already has 1.5 million views.

[Photo Credit: Imgur/Reddit Post]