Looking Like Kim Kardashian Gave ‘Elle’ Editor A ‘Boost Of Confidence’ — But Does It Work For Kylie Jenner?

An Elle editor is revealing what it’s like to dress like Kim Kardashian. Senior editor Sally Holmes wanted to know what it was like to look like the reality star for the week. She decided to commit a week to dress like Kim Kardashian and learned some big lessons out of it.

Holmes took to Twitter to express her thoughts, tweeting, “Dressing like @KimKardashian taught me that GF is VERY brave.”

Holmes explained that some of Kim Kardashian’s clothes are very “tight,” especially since she had to wear a Spanx or Waist trainer underneath everything. The famous Kardashian sister has expressed her love for the undergarments.

“After squeezing into my suction shorts (please allow 10 extra minutes for pulling waist line past thighs), I put on the green skirt and crop top (crop top! ahhh!) and looked in the mirror.CURVES. EVERYWHERE. Since the skirt is a sample, it’s probably two to three sizes too small, so the fit is not just body-conscious, it’s body self-conscious.”

Everything was expensive as well. E! News calculated that everything in Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe runs from as little as $30 to as much as $3,000.

Aside from the uncomfortable undergarments and insane price tags, Holmes learned something about dressing like the star. Although Kardashian’s wardrobe gave her a “boost of confidence,” the clothes didn’t make her feel very Kim K.

“I certainly made a statement and drew a lot of looks, but clothes don’t make a person, and these outfits, even though they, in a backwards kind of way, did give me a certain boost of confidence, didn’t fully make me Kim Kardashian. But, I certainly tried…”

Unfortunately for Kim, she apparently can’t feel like herself as well. The TV personality talked about Kanye West’s taste in fashion on Live with Kelly and Michael. Apparently, Kim can’t dress herself without Kanye’s approval.

“I had on this white Balmain pantsuit. He was like, ‘No, no, no, I think you [should] just be a little bit more simple today,’ and totally changed my outfit right before I was walking out.”

Is Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe giving Kylie Jenner the “boost of confidence” she needs? The 17-year-old has been looking a lot like her older sister lately. Several reports are claiming that the Jenner teen is taking notes from Kardashian’s wardrobe and photo shoots.

Kylie Jenner released a set of new sexy photos from one of her so-called “secret projects.” In one of the photos, she poses in a white fur coat as she covers her breasts with her hands. Kim previously posted topless in a white fur coat for Playboy back in 2012. Both photo shoots were obviously inspired by Kim’s style icon, Elizabeth Taylor, as Hollywood Life points out.

Maybe the youngest Jenner sister wants to resemble Kardashian to build on her self-esteem. The teen has been looking different lately with her temporary lip fillers and mature wardrobe. Kylie Jenner should be herself instead of stealing Kim Kardashian’s style. What do you think?

[Image: Larry Busacca/Getty Images]