Hotel Turns Away Navy Officer: Apology Issued By NY Hotel After Navy Officer In Uniform Turned Away From Lounge

A hotel turns away a Navy officer who tried to go to the hotel’s lounge for a drink but was not “properly” dressed. According to the New York Daily News, the female officer was actually in uniform but was told that she couldn’t enter the lounge because she was not in cocktail attire.

“We walked in, went to the elevator and were stopped by a doorman who said, ‘Hey man, there’s a dress code.’ I said, ‘Wait, are you rejecting us because someone is in a service uniform?’ He kind of rolled his eyes and wouldn’t budge. I was wearing a $400 blazer and dress shoes. We were all dressed nice. The only person sticking out was the Navy officer,” explained Ryan O’Connor, who was with the group at the time.

When a hotel turns away a Navy officer — or anyone in uniform who serves the country — it’s going to make headline news.

Since the incident, the Standard Hotel in New York City has issued an apology. Manager Nayara Branco said that this was a mistake and a “miscommunication” on the hotel’s end.

“We most certainly do appreciate and take a lot of pride (in) all the young people giving their lives to defend our nation. As per regular protocol, our team at the Top of The Standard is instructed to enforce a dress code — which obviously should not apply to military uniforms. Once again, our sincere apologies for the miscommunication at our end, the issue has been brought to all of our team’s attention and it will certainly not repeat itself. It would be a great honor to host her and her fellow colleagues” at some point in the future.”

According to Fox News, Ryan O’Connor said that the hotel’s apology was the “first step” and that he hopes that the hotel follows through. Most people who have read this story think that anyone dressed in a military uniform should be more than welcomed at any establishment they choose to go to. For some reason, however, the people at the Standard’s lounge didn’t think twice about their dress code.

Would you forgive the hotel that turned away the Navy officer?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the sailor was in town for Fleet Week and has since returned to duty. She is stationed in Virginia. It’s unknown if the Navy officer accepted the apology, or if she has any intention of visiting the Standard Hotel the next time she is in the city.

[Photo courtesy of The Standard Hotels]