Kim Richards Relapse: Mexican Wedding Fiasco Could Cost 'RHOBH' Star A Sweetheart Plea Deal In Criminal Case

Kim Richards' reported relapse at her daughter's wedding in Mexico over the weekend may take any sweetheart plea deals off the table for the RHOBH star in her public intoxication and trespassing case.

Radar Online reports the reality star's attorney was in early talks with the Los Angeles County District Attorney on a plea deal for Richards when she suffered a relapse at her daughter Brooke's Mexican wedding over the weekend. Although a finalized deal was not on the table before her trip to Mexico, the DA had been willing to drop the charges if she completed rehab.

"Kim would have had to successfully complete rehab, and the charges would have been dismissed. The Beverly Hills Hotel didn't want to proceed with charges if Kim was getting help. With Kim relapsing, the deal is now on hold, and the DA will most likely want a much longer rehab stint in exchange for the charges being dropped."

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kim Richards reportedly suffered a relapse while in attendance at her daughter's wedding in Cabo San Lucas. The RHOBH star's behavior led some guests at the wedding to believe the mother of the bride was secretly using drugs or drinking because she was "out of it" and a "mess" when interacting with others in attendance, including her own daughter.

"Kim was cursing out the groom's family and was generally belligerent. The bride has vowed she won't speak with her mom again."

Kim Richards' behavior at the wedding was so bizarre that her sober coach quit and returned to LA immediately after the wedding, reports TMZ.

Although the reality star was to return to rehab on Monday, as of Wednesday, she had still not done so. Speaking to TMZ on Wednesday, Kyle Richards indicated her sister's returning to rehab is "the plan" but did not state when exactly she would go back to finish up her current rehab stint.

Kyle also stated everything is okay now as far as her sister is concerned. However, she did say she has not spoken to Kim Richards since leaving Mexico. According to Radar Online, those close to the reality star have been trying to get in touch with her since her alleged relapse, but the reality star seems to be missing in action.

"Friends have been frantically calling Kim since hearing she had fallen off the wagon. Everyone is very concerned about her. It seems like no one knows where she is."

[Image by Nicole Weingart/Bravo]