Top 10 'GTA V' Cheat Codes, Easter Eggs, And Mods

GTA has and always will be a staple of the gaming industry. Like very few other titles, the GTA franchise has maintained a solid reputation throughout the years, and the most recent installment continues to increase sales daily -- years after its initial release. In lieu of the recent launch of GTA V on PC, the online gaming community have been doing what they do best, and as a result, we have some pretty amazing mods to play around with.

It's no secret that PC gamers like to play around with their software. Whether they're adding Pokemon to Minecraft or turning Skyrim dragons into My Little Pony characters, PC developers know exactly what skilled hands they leave their games in after launch.

Luckily, GTA V developers RockStar just came out all in favor of the practice, reassuring players by saying "No one has been banned for using single player modifications, and you should not worry about being banned or being relegated to the cheater pool just for using single player PC mods."

1. No Water/ Tsunami/ Atlantis Mod

GTA V Atlantis Mod
RockStar via Script Mods

As you can probably guess, this aquatic mod allows players to slightly alter humidity in Los Santos. With Script Mod's GTA V "No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis" mod, gamers are able to cover the entire city with deep ocean water, or completely remove all water and explore dried up seabed if they please! Developers of the mod are frequently updating and added more depth and detail to the exploration, including sea life and waves!

2. Explosive Melee Attack Cheat

Hothands Cheat
RockStar via

With the cheat code "HOTHANDS," GTA V players are gifted with the ability to cause exponential mischief and mayhem. The god-like punches can launch innocent civilians flying through the streets of Los Santos, and then more than likely over to the burn unit. Because who doesn't want a pair of fiery fists of thunder?

3. Bigfoot Easter Egg

Bigfoot Easter Egg

Long time GTA superstar Bigfoot makes a special appearance in the most recent installment of the game, although he may be a little difficult to find. Our buddy Bigfoot is present within the "Predator" mission, although from way up in the helicopter he is tricky to track down, luckily the IR scope makes the job a little easier. Once you achieve 100 percent in GTA V, you can even take on a mission to track down and hunt Bigfoot yourself!

4. Gravity Gun 1.5 Mod

Gravity Gun Mod

If you're a fan of Valve classics Portal or Half-Life, you'll be pleased to know you can inject a little of their spirit into GTA V with MatriZ's "Gravity Gun" mod. With the add-on, players will be allowed to toss around cars and trucks like companion cubes. The gun allows players to pick up, hover, and launch objects all around Los Santos.

5. Police Mod

GTA V Police Mod
RockStar via Dehan

Sometimes you just want to shake it up a little. While playing one of GTA V's three lead criminals is great fun, now you can opt into the other side of the firefight with Dehan's "Police Mod" script. Reskin yourself as a cop and spawn any law enforcement vehicle you please -- from choppers to cruisers. The mod also allows you to get yourself a loyal partner on the force, and, of course, your wanted level is never going up because you're on the "right" side of the law!

6. Drunk Mode Cheat

GTA V Drunk Mode
RockStar via

The drunk modifier has always been a fan favourite in GTA, and with RockStar's "Drunk Mode" cheat, we are able to kick up the difficulty level a bit and stay that way. By entering the code "LIQUOR," the drunk modifier stays active, giving you blurred vision and unsteady movements - just like real life! The cheat makes the game increasingly more difficult, turning even the most simple tasks into frustratingly difficult challenges.

7. Infinite 8 Easter Egg

Infinite 8 Easter Egg
RockStar via

The "Infinite 8" mystery is a string of murders that occurred in GTA V's San Andreas. Players can pick up clues scrawled around the city, particularly from the prison, and solve the mystery of the "Infinite 8" murders, ultimately finding the location of the disposed of bodies. Creepy!

8. Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement Mod

Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement
RockStar via BobJaneTMart

It can be frustrating how the cops always seem to have tabs on you, even when you run down an innocent bystander with no witnesses -- how unfair! Thanks to BobJanTMart's "Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement" mod, you can inject a little more reality into GTA V and keep some of your anonymous crimes on the down low.

9. "Praise the Sun" Easter Egg

Praise the Sun easter Egg
RockStar via Reddit

Core gamers may have picked up on this first time around, but near the beginning of GTA V, players are made to take part in a yoga session with Michael's wife and her personal trainer. Eagle-eyed gamers will have spotted the Dark Souls reference, as one of the objectives to complete during the short is titled "Praise the Sun"!

10. Ped Riot/Chaos Mod

GTA V Ped Chaos Mod
RockStar via PC Gamer

Trumple's "Ped Riot/Chaos Mode" turns Los Santos into the deadliest city in the world. The mod allows you to remove police from GTA V and instead arm every single citizen on the streets. Mayhem ensues as every pedestrian is armed with anything from a small knife to a bazooka, which they are more than willing to use on both you and each other. The mod makes for some pretty intense gaming!

[Image credit: RockStar]