Justin Bieber Performs Make A Wish Concert For Very Special Fans

Justin Bieber and the Make-A-Wish Foundation go way back. Seven years in fact.

The 21-year-old superstar continued that effort when he met and performed an acoustic concert for a group of 20 fans in a Make-A-Wish-hosted event at the Lucky Strike Lanes bowling alley in Los Angeles on Wednesday (May 27). Manager Scooter Braun was also in attendance.

A Fedora-wearing Biebs thrilled the girls by signing autographs, taking photos, spreading encouragements, doling out sweet kisses, and chatting.

Justin’s set included old favorites “Baby,” “One Less Lonely Girl,” “Be Alright,” “As Long As You Love Me,” “Boyfriend,” and the newer “Hold Tight” from his 2013 Journals album. The Canadian was accompanied by guitarist Dan Kanter.

Several of the girls tweeted videos and pictures after their Justin Bieber experiences. One fan, identified as “heyitschampagne,” was given an extra treat. Biebs made “champagne” his “One Less Lonely Girl” and serenaded her with an a capella of the song.

In the caption to her “OLLG” video, Champagne gushed, “Today was absolutely perfect. I finally met Justin and he sang to me he’s so sweet and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

She added, “Thank you for everything @justinbieber and @MakeAWishAmerica.”

Alongside an Instagram post of pictures of herself with Justin, Champagne noted (in part), “He’s so sweet and kind unlike how the media portrays him to be. I waited 2 years for my wish to be granted and he made it worth the wait.”

Llia, another fan in Make-A-Wish’s program, recalled the “Where Are U Now” singer loved the backpack she carried, which was covered in his mugshots.

“Justin did like my backpack. He even told me a story that goes with the bible because of it,” she tweeted.

Explaining her accessory choice on social media, Llia tweeted, “My backpack shows that I will love him through all the bad times too. Don’t take it the wrong way.”

She went on to add, “8 years & it finally happened. I love you more than words can explain @JustinBieber… I was like melting when he kept staring at me. He kept eye contact the whole time.”

Another fan, Alysaa Hutchinson, described how emotional she felt meeting her idol, later posting a touching video of her encounter.

Alysaa’s caption notes,”today i met the love of my life and it was the best experience ever even though i cried a lot and messed up my makeup it was worth it just being in the same room as him just made my life i will never forget this day i love you Justin Drew Bieber.”

The Make-A-Wish day was full of heartwarming moments for all the girls who got to meet Justin, as the videos and pics show. After the concert, social media posts reveal the Biebs followed attendees on Twitter.

Today doesn't even seem real pic.twitter.com/oFzFwVpnXg

— I MET HIM (@JacobsSweetTea) May 28, 2015

Kanter and Braun’s messages on social media expressed pride over Justin’s philanthropy. Alongside a picture of the singer performing, Dan stated, “I feel so honored to have the opportunity to be a part of moments like these. Proud of @justinbieber. #makeawish”

Braun posted a tweet to Justin, writing, “Doing what matters. Good man @justinbieber. #makeawish”

As the Inquisitr has reported, Justin has worked with Make-A-Wish Foundation since 2009. Last July, he was given the Champ of Charity award at the Young Hollywood Awards, for his (then) achievement in becoming the first recording artist to grant 200 “wishes.”

While on stage at the event, Justin presented his award to 11-year-old Grace Kesablak, who suffers from cancer.

Fast forward to Wednesday, Justin kept things minimal. After retweeting Braun, Kanter, one fan, and replying to a few of the girls he met earlier, he simply wrote, “Special day #makeawish.”

Justin Bieber

The Biebs went to the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills after meeting the fans, to attend the 8th Annual Television Academy Honors, where he was spotted with Blackish actress Yara Shahidi and other members of the award winning cast.

Later that evening, the singer attended a church-related meeting at a Los Angeles venue. His former girlfriend, Selena Gomez, was also at the event, plus model pal Hailey Baldwin and Miami’s Trinity Church pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. The group popped up in a Snapchat story posted by Wilkerson.

It’s unclear whether Justin and Selena were just hanging out together or “back together.” But within hours from now, one gossip blog that shall remain nameless will have published multiple “exclusives!” on the subject.

Meanwhile, for Justin, the day ended as it began; with hugs for fans, outside Sycamore Studios.

we love you boo thanks for stopping @justinbieber pic.twitter.com/tgHIyn5uzh

— steph (@electrcvibes) May 28, 2015

[Images via Twitter/Instagram]