Young Boy Freaks Out In Family Car, Assaults Pregnant Passenger While Mom Defends His Actions

Video of a young boy freaking out in his family car has gone viral, with the disturbing footage showing the boy appear to assault a pregnant passenger while his family does nothing to stop it.

The video was put online sometime this week and quickly spread, with more than 750,000 views on World Star Hip Hop and a post on Reddit that garnered hundreds of user upvotes.

The footage appears to pick up mid-assault, with the boy hitting the passenger sitting next to him in the back seat, a woman who is also filming the video. The boy screams obscenities at the woman, claiming that she hit him.

“I barely touched…” the woman begins to say before her words are drowned out by a stream of swear words.

The boy’s freakout continues for more than a minute, swearing at the young woman next to him in some disturbing ways. The woman filming then tells the driver — who seems to be the boy’s mother — that she wants to call the police and report the boy, but the driver actually defends the child.

“Both of you [were figthing], I saw it in the rear view mirror!” the woman said.

“No, no, no,” the pregnant passenger replied.

The context of the video isn’t exactly clear. It appears to have been uploaded on Tuesday, but it’s not entirely evident when it took place. There is no location for the video, though the Southern accents seem to imply it’s somewhere in the Southeast.

The disturbing video caused quite a bit of controversy online, with some calling out the young boy but others saying blame lies with his parents.

One Reddit commenter wrote as follows.

“I might be in the minority here, but I feel sorry for this kid. Kids crave structure and discipline, and when they have neither, combined with enabling parents, they turn into pieces of s**t like this. These folks are unfit parents.”

Another YouTube commenter seemed to agree.

“This is sad. That boy has problems, the parents are sitting there swearing too and not even disciplining him. Straight trash.”

The video of the boy freaking out in the car can be seen below, but be warned that there is a constant stream of bad language and an apparent assault that some may find disturbing.