Woman Stabbed In The Eye With Fork During Barbecue Dispute Over ‘The Last Rib’

A family barbecue in Indiana turned ugly after a woman was stabbed in the eye with a fork during a confrontation over “the last rib.” Sabrina A. Davis was a guest at another family’s barbecue in Muncie, Indiana. A child at the gathering complained to her mother that Davis took the last rib and was eating all the food. After the complaint, the woman confronted Davis, but was stabbed in the eye with a fork.

According to WFAA, Sabrina A. Davis was invited to a family’s gathering that included a barbecue dinner. However, during the meal, the homeowner’s daughter complained that Davis “took the last rib from the kitchen.” The mother then confronted Davis about “taking all the food.” During the confrontation, Davis proceeded to stab the woman in the eye with a fork that was being used to “take meat from a pan.”

The police report notes that the injured woman was stabbed in the left eye with the fork and sustained two small lacerations on her eyelid, and had a swollen and bloodshot eye. After the woman was stabbed in the eye, it was noted that she grabbed a knife and was trying to “get to Davis.” The witness notes that the homeowner was upset over Davis taking so much food and that after she was stabbed in the eye she grabbed the knife.

“[The homeowner] was frustrated that Davis was taking so much food from the house and after being wounded in the eye grabbed a knife from the counter and was trying to get to Davis.”

However, Davis has a different story. According to the rib thief, the homeowner was brandishing the knife when she came to speak to her about the food and that she stabbed the woman in the eye as an act of self-defense. Though she says the fork-to-the-eye was self defense, Davis does corroborate the story that the incident was the result of a dispute over “the last rib.”

Sabrina Davis is currently being held in the Delaware County jail on charges of criminal recklessness. She faces charges of theft as well as conversion following the altercation over the last rib. In other words, the woman is being charged for stabbing the homeowner in the eye and for taking the last rib.

What do you think of the charges against Davis? Do you think the conversion and theft charges for eating too many ribs will stand? What about additional assault and battery charges for the assault on the woman’s eye with the fork?

[Image Credit: Flickr CC/ Louise Gill]