David Foster Violated? Brandi Glanville Discusses Yolanda Foster’s Husband’s Bedroom Behavior

Has David Foster just been targeted by Brandi Glanville, the co-star of his wife, Yolanda Foster? It sure sounds that way. During an appearance on a recent podcast, via a May 27 report by Reality Tea, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star brought up David Foster, announcing he was “freaky” in bed.

“Yolanda [Foster] and I talk about it. They do well. [David Foster]’s freaky for sure.”

Glanville’s comment was certainly inappropriate, and some may say out of line, so it’s hard to tell why she went there during such a public appearance. With Foster being one of just two women on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who are still friends with her, it seems like a bad move to make such an inappropriate statement — especially when Yolanda and David Foster have been so supportive of Glanville when others have not.

While Glanville has the right to voice her opinion, thrusting someone’s sex life into the spotlight is never a classy move — especially someone as well known as David Foster.

As for the rest of her co-stars’ sex lives, Glanville didn’t say much.

“They do fine. I can’t picture anyone else on the show having sex. I don’t even want to picture it. I try to bring it up and they all act like they’re shocked. Like, ‘OMG, we don’t do that!’ I bring it up to shock them, to talk about something interesting, and they are all like, ‘She’s so crass.’ “

After her comment about David Foster, Glanville went on to reveal she and her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, allowed other women to come into their relationship at times.

“We definitely brought girls in and I did everything I could do. It wasn’t about me at the end of the day. I think threesomes are great when they happen organically, like, you’re not planning it and it just happens to happen. But, when you plan it, it’s just very awkward.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, David Foster is reportedly fed up with the vicious women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and hoping his wife, Yolanda, will soon leave the show. In a report by Radar Online weeks ago, a source claimed David Foster was concerned about how the stress of Yolanda’s relationships on the show could impact her ongoing battle with Lyme disease. As a result, David Foster was allegedly encouraging Yolanda to cut ties with Bravo.

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