Robin Williams’ Last Performance In ‘Boulevard’ May Force Every Viewer Into Regretful Retrospection

Robin Williams may not sizzle in his last movie, Boulevard, but his performance is bound to force every viewer into nostalgic and perhaps regretful retrospection.

Robin Williams may have left us, but he has left behind more than a few lifetimes worth of knowledge and entertainment. While his performance in his last movie that he starred in may not be full of rib-tickling humor, his intensity and conviction will surely cause the audience to reminisce about their own lives and take stock of their regrets.

Directed by the gifted Dito Montiel (A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints), the film shows Williams as a married Nashville bank manager, Nolan Mack, who seemingly has it all figured out. However, behind the curtains, he is a closeted gay man whose life is forever changed when he picks up young street hustler Leo (Roberto Aguire).

Robin Williams’ character can be summarized as a devoted husband and respected employee who appears to have it all. This is eerily similar to the comedian’s life, who seemingly had it all, but shocked the world with his suicide. While Robin Williams suffered from severe depression, his character struggles with his sexual orientation.

What sets the movie apart is the plot, which sees Nolan merely longing for the company of Leo, explained Montiel.

“For me it was about letting go and holding on, the weird push and pulls of life, when it comes to anything from a job to a relationship—the thin line. It didn’t matter all that much that he was gay.”

Boulevard was shown at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival and, similar to countless other movies that Robin Williams starred in, received positive reviews. Many deeply felt the strong emotions the great actor so effortlessly projected. Robin Williams never had a problem with conveying his intentions, emotions, and acting, and this movie doesn’t won’t be any different, felt the critics.

There are quite a few movie reviewers who felt the movie “dragged on.” However, those who will enter the cinema halls could be going there for Robin Williams, felt producer Monica Aguirre Diez Barroso.

“We are very excited … to get this beautiful movie out there. Through Boulevard, Dito was able to capture Robin Williams at his best.”

Boulevard is set to hit the box-office in New York on July 17 and includes Kathy Baker as Williams’ wife and Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul), who plays a concerned friend.

While everyone loves comedy, perhaps Robin Williams as Nolan closely captures the final few years of the actor when he fought with depression. Movie goers are bound to connect and reflect on the deep regret that Robin Williams’ character feels.

[Image Credit: Dave Hogan / Getty Images]