TNA News: Ring Of Honor Thrilled At Destination America Deal — TNA Talent Totally Blindsided, Reactions From Both

Huge news out of the wrestling world today has revealed that Ring Of Honor will be coming to Destination America to provide a “One-Two-Punch” with TNA Impact Wrestling. The news is huge for wrestling fans and ROH talent has been promoting their happiness on social media, but the exact opposite is coming from the talent in TNA who appear to have been blindsided.

After the news first broke, as reported here on Inquisitr, many seemed to be rejoicing that Ring Of Honor would finally have a secure television deal. MVP from TNA was not as thrilled as he revealed in a number of tweets.

He quickly tweeted out his email address for booking purposes and tried to get word across to promoters. He then tweeted one final notice.

On the other hand, talent from Ring Of Honor began tweeting their happiness in the new announcement. The Young Bucks, often seen as one of the hottest tag teams in all of professional wrestling, got a little cocky.

Mike Bennett followed suit for Ring Of Honor as well.

After all of this went down, WrestleZone reported that TNA actually cancelled all talent interviews for the rest of the day. They were scheduled and ready to take place, but they were cancelled so TNA could have a conference call with talent at 3 p.m.

It’s not exactly certain what is to come in the future for both Ring Of Honor and TNA Impact Wrestling, but one has to feel that they are going in opposite directions. Destination America didn’t tell TNA that they were discussing TV rights with ROH, and it’s developed some serious bad blood.

For weeks, there has been talk and rumors have been flying that TNA was going to be cancelled after word got out that it was moved to Wednesday nights. Those rumors have never been confirmed or denied by anyone in the company, and they’ve simply been sidestepped.

Beginning on June 3, Ring Of Honor will start airing on Destination America at 8/7c and lead into new episodes of TNA Impact Wrestling at 9/8c. The reactions of the talent from both organization shows that this is both a good thing and a bad thing.

[Image via ROH]