Cannes Backlash: Rashida Jones Calls New Red Carpet Heels Rule ‘Sexist’

Rashida Jones is just another name to come forward in the Cannes backlash scandal. As the Inquisitr reported, rumors started to circulate that Cannes was turning down prominent women from the red carpet if they didn’t have heels on.

Their heels-only rule is said to be mandatory. This is the first year Cannes has had this rule instated, and it hasn’t been received warmly by attendees. This was brought to Rashida Jones’ attention and she didn’t hold back when speaking about what she thought of the rule.

Jones told Comedy Central’s Nightly Show that the Cannes Film Festival rule is “a snobbery thing” and “sexist.”

For those who are in disbelief, there were reports that a woman with an amputated foot was turned away due to the dress code. Other women who were wearing flats had been reportedly denied entry as well.

Of the issue, Jones said, “It’s part of a larger problem, which is heels are the worst. Mainly it’s men designing them … and setting these rules. If they make a rule where I have to wear heels on the carpet, then I’m making a rule that I’m going to wear flats.”

As the Inquisitr reported, actress Emily Blunt also spoke her mind on the new heels rule at Cannes. “I think everyone should wear flats to be honest at the best of times. We shouldn’t wear high heels anyway. But that’s just my point of view. I just prefer wearing Converse sneakers.”

She continued, “You kind of think that there’s these new waves of equality and waves of people realizing that women are just as kind of fascinating and interesting to watch. And it was interesting with this film I think you [director Denis Villeneuve] got asked early on if you’d rewrite my part for a guy.”

Others went to social media to show their disbelief.

[Photo by Mike Coppola / Getty Images]